Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finders Keepers Arcade Project

Yesterday I got to go to the Arcade Project at the Gaffa Gallery on Clarence Street in Sydney. Round One is still open until 26th of October so if you're going to be in the city I definitely recommend checking it out for contemporary art and jewellery, workshops and cute cafes.

Frankie also has a cute reading room set up with vintage chairs to lounge in and enjoy back issues and a browse through their books and products. I got myself a copy of the 2011 diary which I am so excited to be able to use next year!

If you miss out on round one, there will also be a round two 27th October - 23rd November and a round three 24th November - 24th December.

These pictures are just from the Finders Keepers facebook page but I'll have more of my own pictures to share sometime soon when I've gotten home and had a chance to sort through them all.

Also some of you might have noticed I've made a blog fan page on facebook so come check it out HERE. I'd love it if you would all come join me :) I'm also going to host some giveaways which will be exclusively available to my facebook fans so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Awww, this looks so cute! Can't wait to see your pictures from it!

    And i just made a Facebook last week too, I'll add you to my page's favorites! :D

  2. your blog is delightful! i especially enjoy looking at the interior posts, very inspirational!

  3. I like your blog and this handemades are so cute.

  4. I can't believe I've only just found you! You're blog is loveliness all over! I'm a fellow kiwi who recently entered the blogosphere myself. You are an inspiration!
    much love xo

  5. Oh... I love the Frankie reading room - what a fab idea..!

  6. oh I love who they've set it up. gorgeous! I ended up making a facebook page too. Added yours into my favourites.

  7. Love it! Totally jealous. I loved it when the FK markets came to Brisbane seemingly agggges ago now.
    I wish there was just a permanent shop :(

  8. Looks wonderful ... next stop, book myself some tickets to Melbourne! ;)

  9. This looks delightful, I really need to find out about & go visit some cute exhibits like this in Cape Town.


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