Monday, October 25, 2010

Lonely Hearts

As I mentioned last week I had the opportunity to visit the studio of a New Zealand designer and I jumped at the chance for a behind the scenes nosey. So the husband and I went to Auckland, picked up Isaac along the way and ventured to the North Shore for a visit to the Lonely Hearts studio.
(velvet cropped top, bandit dress in maroon, bag, hat & shoes my own)
When we arrived they had lunch for us and we sat down and met the team and looked at some pictures from the Winter 2011 lookbook for their "Little Bandits" collection, and then I had a bit of a play with the clothes and tried on some different outfits.
(long pleated skirt in maroon, bandit tee)
She was a rebel, a true bohemian. She didn’t give a damn about what was in-in fashion or anything else. She lived the way she wanted, with money and without.
The Lonely Hearts team and their amazing choice of shoes

A look around the studio- racks of beautiful clothes and material and all things inspiring.

All in all it was incredible day- so lovely to meet such a talented bunch of people who are so passionate about what they're doing. And just because I love Lonely Hearts and I love seeing kiwi's live their dream, I also quickly want to show you a couple of my favourite looks from their Little Bandits lookbook:

(velvet jean, lace tee)
(velvet pinafore, silk shirt)
(sleeveless shirt dress)

Modeled by Dempsey Stewart, shot by Rene Vaile

So what do you guys think? I'm a big fan and so is Rumi Neely. If you want to check out more from them then make sure you head to their website, facebook page or twitter :)

Thanks Lonely Hearts for having me, I'll be back soon!


  1. I actually love the last dress :) Looks like you had a blast Manda.

  2. That lace tee is gorgeous, I'm sad that we have to wait until next June before it's out - it'd be perfect for the summer festival season.

    I really like your shoes too - can I ask where they're from?


  3. OHHHH how amazing! This is a dream of mine :D it must have been wonderful with all the insiration and the garments look perfect for you :D Those shoes a just adorable!

    Ayesha x

  4. @thesethingsaliceloves
    my shoes are just from an NZ store called Wildpair but you can get them pretty much everywhere and a lot of vintage stores have pretty sweet versions on them, hope you find some :)

  5. Exciting! Fantastic photos too. I do love Lonely Hearts.

  6. You are really cute ^^ Love your dress

  7. so awesome! I love love the clothing -- beautiful!

  8. Wow would love to have opportunity to rub shoulders with as many designers as I can too :D

  9. Oh! I love the pair of shoes all the way on the right!!

    I also love the last look book pictures. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

    ~ Katie

  10. This looks like such fun, you're so lucky!

  11. what a beautiful label, i hear there are some great designs that come from New Zealand

  12. i LOVE the maroon skirt that you're swirling around ! and the designer's shoes on the right :). You lucky thing ! musta been an awesome day :) xx

  13. Wow wow wow!
    That purple skirt you're wearing? GORGEOUS.

  14. Looks like you had an amazing time. Such lovely clothes! Do they have an online shop? xx

  15. @Lulu they don't have their own online shop but I think you can buy it online in other stores, i'll find out for you!

  16. Hi Amanda,
    Was lovely to See you last week.

    FYI AW2011 will be instore Northern Hemi in Jan-Feb (not June)

    Thank you all for your kind words <3

  17. @Lonely Hearts
    my bad- all fixed now :)

  18. Fabulous. The shoes are lovely.

  19. thanks for sharing, the lookbook is beautiful i will have to check them out more!

  20. I am a massive Lonely Hearts fan, have posted them many a times! so so jealous of you! Found your blog through their facebook page. Love it lady!


  21. I am so jealous this very moment. I'm from NZ and my favorite designers are Lonely Hearts, every season I want to ditch all my clothes, collect their entire collection and create a capsule wardrobe.

    Beautiful photos, I really love the maroon maxi and cropped velvet tee. I can't wait but my bank statement is terrified.


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