Saturday, October 09, 2010

the seasons are changing

a walk
300 years underground
by the river
R1- 7A

Hello lovely readers of Here Comes the Sun! My name is Hannah from Hannah and Landon and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to write to you today!

I always get a bit nostalgic and cozy as the year draws to an end so I thought a collection of seasonally inspired pictures would be suitable for sharing! Today New York is perfectly overcast and chilly and I've bundled up with multiple socks, a big knit sweater and a warm beverage (all that's missing in this otherwise perfect scene is a purring kitty on my lap, sadly I haven't got a kitty, something I hope to remedy soon)!

I made a little mixtape to share with you sort of following the same theme of seasonal changes (err, I maybe went through my itunes and added all the songs with snow/cold/sun/beach hehe). You can listen to that here!

This weeks guest bloggers for Amanda are all wrapped up now. Hope you enjoyed them! Amanda will have a few of her own posts scheduled next week until she gets home.

Warmest Regards,
Hannah and Landon


  1. lovely post!
    i'm very excited for fall to arrive.
    can't wait to bring out the warm knits and boots.

  2. lovely images! can't wait to check out your playlist :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! :) I'm going to listen to the playlist right now!

  4. Aww! What pretty pictures! I am desperately longing for cold, snowy nights again! <3

    Here's to the changing of the seasons! :D

    ~ Katie

  5. Those last two photo's are gorgeous. Definitely very summery; my favourite season.

  6. love your blog!
    simple and soft style :)
    take a look on mine please?

    thanks dear :)

  7. Magical shots Hannah! Your blog is soooo adorable :)

  8. Gorgeous photographs as always!

    Was so nice to see a post from you pop up on another favourite blog



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