Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mink Pink Summer 10/11

Mink Pink Summer Campaign
Photography - Life Without Andy
Model - Mariana @ Chic
Stylist - Jodie Mckenzie
Stylist Assist - Annabel Wendt

Images from the Mink Pink summer campaign have just been released and they do not disappoint! I am particularly excited about the presence of patterned floor length skirts and will be saving my pennies to get myself some this summer. Also lovely to see blogger Annabel Wendt was involved in the styling for this pretty shoot- she did such a good job!


  1. The styling is very pretty!

  2. Such pretty photographs! And I adore the long flowery skirts and the white crochet dress! Magical!

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

  3. love that last photo, the colors are so soothing

  4. pretty clothes and the models are beautiful :)

  5. I'm really liking the floor length skirts as well. The crochet pieces seem quite lovely to.

  6. This campaign is lovely! I love that people get such a hard to get in america designer as Mink Pink in stores over here (it makes even the 'town' girls look awesome)
    Those skirts will look perfect on you!

    Ayesha x

  7. Hey there! In your Nov. 8 post, there was a picture of your office with a little owl statuette. I fell in love. Do you know where it came from?

  8. Agreed, those skirts are gorgeous!
    As is that little white dress and what looks to be a crochet or hand-knitted little white top! Love the way they sit!!!

  9. Love all the photos! I like all the rings in the first one, and the crochet dress. Also love the styling of the two maxi skirts =)

  10. I just adore Mink Pink. That crochet dress is fabulous!

  11. i love a bit of headgear!
    don't know if you remember me, i used to blog with my sister at messymaisies but now i've started my own...

  12. These are gorgeous, I really like the cropped tops! and thats great to know that a blogger did the styling!


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