Friday, December 17, 2010

All I Want for Christmas: Fieldguided edtion

Today Anabela from Fieldguided and Dreamcats shares her gift guide: 
(collage put together by Chrissy Lau)

1. Black cat bag -I would carry this little cat bag with pride! It's so sweet.
2. Instax mini - I know I don't need another camera but I'd love to have an Instax Mini! The size of the film is so sweet and there's something so special about instant film.
3. Tuve 5 -I'm always happy to have some new artwork and this photograph is so eerily beautiful.
4.In the Library scent -I've actually never smelled this perfume myself but because I tend to like masculine scents (leather, tobacco), I have a feeling I would really enjoy this.
5. Nebula scarf -I've tried dyeing with bleach and I have no idea how Hand & Shadow was able to make this scarf look so much like a nebula. It's amazing.
6. Black Tencel dress -These dresses are made by a local shop, The Future of Frances Watson, and they are so luxurious looking. I love the leather bow detail.

Merry Christmas!
Guest Blogger


  1. Nice things! Oh so wintery themed colour scheme.

  2. That nebula scarf is so beautiful! I love it!

  3. I love the nebula scarf and the whole "winter wonderland" feel I get from this collection. Oh so lovely.


  4. Love it all!

  5. She has such great taste. I love the cat bag and the dress!

  6. yes the bag is so sweet...
    I really like the outfit in the first photo, oh yes;)

  7. Wow, I love the calm simplicity of all these things! Esp. 5 & 6! I would totally wear those!

    xo, Anna of green gable

  8. I bought the In The Library scent and I love it. It's subtle and fantastic. When I'm out of the little bottle I'm going to buy the large.


  9. amazing christmas goodies


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