Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I want for Christmas: See Hear Say edition

Todays Christmas wishlist is from Laura of See Hear Say

I've always wanted to get a lomo camera; this new Lomo LC-A+ camera is a limited edition with white japanese design. Isn't just a beauty?

2. Miss Dior Chérie L'eau
I want a new perfume! I really love this one, it smells so nice and refreshing and chic at the same time.

3. Anything by Milk From A Thistle
Like this forest silk tee and the hand painted stripes skirt. I love everything by them - love their nice patterns and their simple, casual, comfy design.

4. Tiny forest in a jar
I particularly like the air plants in the corked jars, they're so cute and would be a great addition either to my home or my desk at work.

5. Restricted 'scrabble' oxfords in green
I can never get enough for flat shoes, especially because I can't really wear heels. Me thinks this would be a nice wear for summer.

6. The Suitcase Series vol.1
The cutest book by Camilla Engman, packaged with nice little goodies like postcards and a little book of Morran (her dog) who is just adorable!

7. Pop-up dollhouse
It's a paper art, and it's a dollhouse. It's a pop-up dollhouse! Such a gorgeous paper art, and I've always wanted a dollhouse when I was a kid.

8. Donna Wilson's cloud cushion
Love love love this little cloud cushion. I think I have a thing for clouds. I want this at my couch at home!

Merry Christmas!
See Hear Say
Guest blogger


  1. i love the look of that camera, i'm just on that website now :)

  2. This is such a beautiful selection. Milk from a Thistle looks like a fantastic brand.

  3. thanks a lot for letting me be a part of this amanda :) hope your readers like it! hugs x

  4. what a cute list and thank you for introducing me to shop ruche

  5. I want that cloud pillow x

  6. such a lovely collection! I really like the forest-in-a-jar and those oxfords, so pretty :) and I would never refuse a lomo lc-a in any form or colour!

  7. Lovely collection. I really love the forest-in-a-jar. Definitely would fit in lovely on any desk!



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