Thursday, December 09, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

One of the best parts of Christmas shopping and gift giving is wrapping it all up in a pretty package and I love getting inspiration from creative people on etsy and flickr. You can get one of the above gift wrap sets from Knot & Bow on etsy or head over to Down and Out Chic for more ideas on adding special touches to your presents this holiday season.

So tell me, how do you guys wrap your presents? I'm at home today trying to get creative and wrap some goodies to put under the tree, so any ideas and inspiration are welcome :)

I love Christmas!!

Oh oh oh! And- I do recommend you all go HERE and download the best little Christmas album ever x


  1. I always matte paper with a bit of glitter :D then add ribbon in two different colours.

    xxx Charlie
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  2. Ho Ho Ho!

    I like to do the brown paper thing & mix it up with pretty material ribbon & attach a Chrissy tree ornament instead of a bow ... Something for the loved one & something for the tree too!

    Ink/stamp designs on the brown paper is cute too ...tied up with that funky jute string stuff for eco cool!

    A dose of confetti/sparkles inside the package is always fun too ...Im reknowned for this. Hence my name Sparkle Larkle. At Christmas time I like to use gold stars or red hearts.

    Happy wrapping x
    Sparkle Larkle

  3. I think that's the best part of any gift. That and watching someone open their present, all excited! I can't wait to start wrapping up my gifts :)

  4. I love white or brown paper wrapped up with a pretty ribbon.

    This year I am doing 'edible gifts' for the family so am scouting out old jars and vintage baskets to fill with goodies.

  5. I am going to try out the brown paper idea and maybe glitter it up or use rubber stamps and decorate it. :)

  6. I'm looking for lace print paper to wrap gifts in this year!

  7. Rubber stamp lettering is always a win *:-)

  8. Your title is a quote from my favourite movie ever. It brightened up my day. Then I read your post and my day was glowing. Lovely! Thank you!!

    ~ Emily :)

  9. I love unwrapping a present tied with grosgrain ribbon.

  10. National Geographic magazines always have fantastic full-page images of natural things, landscapes or animals, they're great for wrapping little presents up in, or making envelopes for special pen-pals.


  11. I've been getting quite creative with my wrapping by toning it down a little.

    I've been wrapping everyone thing in plain white paper and adding either paper doilies or little pieces of plain red crepe paper and tying it all together with festive coloured string & maybe even adding some fresh flowers which I tuck in behind the string but that I'll do right before Christmas.

  12. oh, i do need a new christmas album, yay you! thanks for the link, downloading now!

  13. I am wrapping all my gifts with brown kraft paper this year. Oh the possibilities. I'm planning on using lots of ribbon and bows to jazz them up.

  14. Loving all these ideas from you guys! I still have more presents left to wrap so you're giving me inspiration for them

  15. love the simplicity of the first package. i've ordered some supplies and am anxiously awaiting them so i can start packaging! xo


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