Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Here Comes the Sun & Lomography competition update

(Sone from Polli)

Entries in my Here Comes the Sun & Lomography competition are starting to appear and I just wanted to share a few. Hopefully by now most of you who entered should have received your stickers so get snapping and add your pictures to the flickr pool so I can share them :) It's fun seeing what creative ideas you guys come up with! And as you know there are TWO Diana mini's up for grabs so make sure you get your pictures in before the competition closes on December 31st.

EDIT: For those of you who haven't received your stickers yet- please be patient. Sending mail internationally from New Zealand can take up to 3 weeks to arrive at its destination depending on where you live, but your stickers will be with you soon :)


  1. hey i still aint got the stickers through post yet :(


  2. These are such pretty photo's.

    I also haven't got my stickers yet but that's kind of expected since it normally takes things longer to get to me (:

  3. Too late to enter I suppose?

  4. this is the first time i am seeing this competition. so cute, although i can't join (can i, still?) i will be stalking that flickr group! good luck to all the participants!

  5. I suppose it's too late to enter:(

  6. i just want to say that i am pretty bummed that i missed this. i don't know why or how i did. but oh boy i did. big time. it would have been perfect "excuse" to practice with my new diana dreamers :(

    hope you have more of this to come! i'm excited to see the rest of the uploads.

    good luck to everyone and i think you are all doing fantastic work!

  7. oh wow! those are great shots that they all took!!!

  8. Got my stickers two days ago and I live in the Sunshine state here in Florida, USA. Nice shots so far... Hoping to take my photos some time next week.

    Thanks for sending!

  9. The stickers have just arrived! Not sure if I'll be able to have the pictures developed on time, though :/
    I'll do my best!

  10. I just received the stickers, I'm very excited to shoot some pics but I don't think I'll be able to get them developed this year.


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