Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Avalanche City + Freebie

Just wanted to take a second today to introduce you to the amazingness of New Zealand talent Avalanche City. Check out the video above and if you like it, then head to their website and you can download the whole album for free!

The album artwork is also by another NZ talent- Gem Camille Speeden of Hunter Gatherer.

Hope you guys like it!

Oh and one more thing, I have two new buttons, one for this blog and one for Hello Holga. If you'd like to use either of them just copy and paste the codes below:


  1. Is is AMAZING! The music, the album art, the video! Love love love it! <3 thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh I like the little video to accompany the music. It's rare to see such a modest animation with music these days.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Holly And the Ivy

  3. I love Avalanche city. I found an awesome necklace at Parachute with that penguin on it- made of wood. So cute.

  4. I really really like Avalanche City!

  5. Avalanche city is the best! =)
    So amazing- they make me wish I could find my stupid ipod so I could listen to thier music on the go!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing! It's always a treat to find new music that I love.

  7. Hi there : )
    You shop online or in-store? which usually do you go for? actually wondering lol.. i favor in-store as i don't really like expecting it to come!

  8. I am so loving Avalanche City! I have been listening to their Bandcamp all day. Sadly though, they don't have their album for free anymore on their website. I will just have to buy it!


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