Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elisabeth Toll

Images by Elisabeth Toll 

I know some of you are probably expecting me to do an update about my visit to the Diana World Tour but unfortunately due to some untimely events I ended up having to miss it, much to my dismay! But you can see some pictures from it over on Tornadoes and Tigers and See Me Everywhere. And if that doesn't interest you, maybe this tumblr will (it gave me a bit of a laugh).



  1. i love this editorial, great colors in the pics!

  2. I like the butterfly on her head!!!
    I need one :)...
    Kisses from Madrid.
    I love your blog ;D

  3. Hi Amanda
    Thinking of you! It may be hard but remember that you have heaps of loved ones around you inc your cute-y kitties!

  4. that is my dream hair... dreaming....

  5. Haha, that tumblr is brilliant! What a pity you had to miss it.


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