Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My life in pictures

Just a few pictures from recent times:
1. My new Ruby Red Lips turband from Hunter Gatherer
2. New John Lennon meets Mary Kate and Ashley sunglasses I scored off ebay for $5.95 (thanks to Rouge Fox for pointing me in the right direction)
3. Looking at brochures for Thailand. Tossing up between Koh Samui or Chiang Mai- any suggestions?
4. Lots and lots of hot coffees at work to warm my bones during this cold Autumn weather 


  1. Love the turban & glasses!


  2. it all depends on what expierence you're seeking?

    if ur seeking the true Thailand: culture, amazing shopping, and food you really want to head North. So I'd suggest Chiang Mai. It's also really close to my fav spot in Thailand 'Pai'!!

    If you're after relaxation, beaches beautiful drinks, and a party lifestyle....head down south!!! :)

    Hope that helps!!

  3. When my bf went to Thailand he loved Koh Samui, that was a boys trip but it loooked so so beautiful from the pics.

  4. I have that same turband! I'm waiting for it to arrive, hopefully it comes today :) Hunter Gatherer makes such lovely stuff!

  5. eeek! super, super wonderful things. i've been meaning to purchase one of those lovely turbands from hunter gatherer as well ;)

  6. hi! i lived in thailand for six months working in chiang mai and then backpacked around southeast asia.

    you should hit up both places if you can!
    koh samui is a really fun island and we stayed at the Lamai Wanta...check it out! really reasonable and nice. i think koh samui is one of the nicest islands (steer clear of phuket/pattaya/koh phi phi unless you're planning on attending a full moon party. most of their beaches are gross!).

    chiang mai is really authentic and still true to thai culture. things are cheaper there than down south (like elephant rides/tiger kingdom, etc). shopping is really good too! there's lots to do, but you'll miss the beach!

  7. Im going to Thailand in January. I cant wait! And still so long to go. Il keep checking these posts for ideas. Thanks guys!

  8. I love your turband and those sunglasses, gotta love eBay

  9. You have such an amazing style and beautiful eyes. I've been following for a while and your blog is very refreshing. A nice light feel :)

  10. Do both North and South. They are so different that it is worth seeing both. You can easily fly from Chang mai down to Koh Samui or the other way round using Air Asia which is super cheap. I got a flight from Bangkok to chang mai for only $30 each way. :)

    and I LOVE that head band, I want one!

  11. Those shades are lush.

    I'm hoping to go to Thailand too :).

    Helen, X

  12. Hey when are you thinking of going? I'm heading over to Chiang Mai in August/September and I'll be sure to take lots of notes/pics and blog about it all while I'm there. It will be my first time in Thailand. So excited!

    Rach x

  13. Those glasses are such a great find! Good job. Funny, it's almost summer over here so hot drinks aren't on my mind at that moment. I love sipping on them though when it's cold.

    - Sarah

  14. Mm, hot coffee! So perfect for this time of year.

    I love turbans, they make me think of Simone de Beauvoir!

  15. I love your top and turban in the first photo. Those round glasses are so cool. XX

  16. The turban is adorable~a cute change

  17. Lovely stuff!


  18. yay, thailand holiday planning!

    ps those coffee cups have cute design! hope they taste as nice as they look!

  19. thailand! what an exciting adventure!

  20. love these pictures, cute blog!

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  21. Fabulous blog! Love these images!


  22. thank you for your lovely comment! i'll try to write more in english from now on.. :)

    oh what an amazing turban! you look very pretty! i've been looking for a glasses like those for ever but i still haven't found them..

  23. You look so pretty! I love your turban. It looks great. What fun photos these are! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)


    Kirstin Marie

  24. Thats very lovely. You are a cutie!

    Miss Neira

  25. Every time I visit you blog I automatically sing 'here comes the sun' by the Beatles. I am sure it happens to others too...what a marvelous effect your blog has on me xxx

  26. The turband is so cool! I love the colour of it.

  27. Stumbled upon your blog just now and followed right away! Lots of love from the Philippines! xx

    <3 Chai

  28. lovely pictures especially the turban

    Indian handicrafts online

  29. That turban is awesome!! and takeaway coffee, mmmm.
    xx S


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