Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Red Eleven

As some of my long-time readers will know, I am a kiwi and proud. I love to share New Zealand based news and talent at any chance I get, and so today I thought I would show you a little bit of Kiwi beauty in the form of these shots from NZ talent and modelling agency Red Eleven. They now have a tumblr where they post little bits and pieces including portfolio shots of their clients and also thoughtful insights into current issues (e.g - the ongoing skinny debate. Interesting to read some thoughts from a bookers perspective). If you're interested to see more, the tumblr is HERE.

In other news, a big congratulations to my wonderful friend Emma, on the birth of her second child and her first son last Friday. There are some pictures up of him here, and I'll be taking over her blog for a little bit while she enjoys some family time with the little guy, so make sure you keep an eye over there for my posts this week :)


  1. I'm in love of the two last pictures !

  2. Wow, I think Red Eleven are missing a huge amount of perspective on the so-called skinny debate. Although they might not say 'lose weight' they are giving their tacit consent for the outdated and unrealistic ideal beauty standard by selecting very thin models. And clothes are made in a sample size 6-8 because models are that size, not vice versa. Their article disappointed me a lot.

  3. Amazing shots! I can't decide a favourite between the last two pictures :)
    Congratulations to your friend! What a gorgeous baby boy!
    Thank you for your comment, btw!

  4. Oh, I know of the second girl - she is from Christchurch! Such a pretty campaign!


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  6. Nice post and gorgeous! thanks for your comment i followed you


  7. Congrats to your girl on her new addition!

    Love these shots! I'm all about community shout-outs...love that you're doing your part in keeping the love alive! This is great...will definitely check em out! Much love from sunny Socal :D


    Haute Khuuture Blog


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