Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Asos Lovers

Sometimes when friends have similar taste and a bit of an addiction for online shopping, they both accidently buy the same dress but in different colours! This happened to my friend Sone and I recently but we thought we'd embrace it and show you guys how we wear them. The dress is from ASOS and you can find it here if you'd like one as well :)

My kittens couldn't get enough of Sone and kept jumping in the photos for cuddles! 

Also just a quick wee note to apologise for my lack of interaction on blogs, twitter, facebook etc recently. Life has been hectic and I'm trying to get on top of everything! Hopefully I get settled into my new routine pretty soon :)


  1. I think it's fair to say you both look sensational in it and obviously have impeccable taste (tongue in cheek, I have a very similar one).

    I am never bothered by a friend wearing something I wear too unexpectedly to the same event, but I know how it upsets or even enrages some girls!

    Good on you for embracing it! And rightly so too! X

  2. I think it can be fun to match friends & even plan out days to match as I've done so many times with my own friends. In fact, my bestfriend and I just bought similar purses. However, we've all had those days where we pick out a really cute shirt or jacket and go somewhere and see someone else wearing it. It's kind of awkward. Haha!

    Lovely dresses though! <3

  3. I adore Asos. <3
    My sister and I like to match sometimes. Everyone thinks we're twins either way!

  4. Love the outfits! I am obsessed with Asos...LOVE everything they have!

  5. You both look absolutely lovely!!
    Sadly, none of my friends are into vintage-inspired frocks, so I haven't had this happen.


  6. Lovely to see how you've both styled the same dress. I think more people should embrace having stylish friends with the same excellent taste. xx

  7. Great outfits, those dresses are lovely! Also you suit your new hairstyle so much, you look stunning :) xx

  8. Oh, you gals are just lovely.

    P.S. Your hair continues to amaze me. <3

  9. Great dress. I like how you have both styled it.

  10. How funny!
    Loved reading this


  11. The dress is super cute:) I can see why both of your bought it!

  12. Oh what a tease! It has a peter pan collar and it is just sucking me in Amanda. hehehe

    You chickas look fab in them! ^_^

    love love
    Miss Cris

  13. you both wear it so lovely! the dresses are such pretty colors, both remind me of a sunset :)

  14. You both look amazing in it! I have it in cream, it is such a fun dress to wear :)

    ps. I mentioned you in my very first blog post :)


  15. these dresses are so cute! niice blog.

  16. oh gosh. asos is my second internet weakness after blogging. i just bought unnecessary 5 pieces of clothes on impulse. asos sale ruins my piggy bank!

  17. good on ya, for keeping the dresses! you both look great- i loved seeing how you styled them differently! And your cat is just too adorable for words :)

    Meena xxx

  18. You are just a big, heaping pile of adorable. Your style is a really big inspiration to me.


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