Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Words to Live by

Dream big, work it out from there.

Don't let anything get in the way of your dreams.

And while we're at it, what are your dreams? Do share, I'd love to know!


  1. I want to live in the same country as my boyfriend...

  2. My dream is to get my degree in visual design, be able to get work doing what I l-o-v-e, have many adventures, and to find someone special. <3

  3. Hi Amanda.
    I am a relatively new reader of your blog, but I already like it very much!

    As I live on the other side of the Earth (Denmark), I find it very interesting to follow your daily life in the very south of the planet, when I am living in the far north. :-D

    Regarding your question:
    I dream of travelling to far away countries (including NZ!). I love travelling and can't get enough of it!
    What are your own dreams?

    Greetings from FarfallaDK

  4. My dream is to design my own house and fill it with beautiful colourful interiors with my own paintings on every wall. And of course to marry Robert Pattinson and then when I'm around 50 I want open my own cupcake shop!

    A girl can dream ;)

  5. beautiful photos, and i love the quote! my two biggest dreams are to travel and to hopefully work for myself.

  6. gorgeous, loving these pics

  7. These are beautiful photos! I can't say what my future dream is, but right now I really want to get into a good graduate program. Wish me luck on the GRE!

    Btw, I'm hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you entered!

  8. my dream is to get one of
    my dream careers. a) work in a magazine
    b) be a photographer
    c) stylist
    anywhere in those creative areas I would love

  9. I love this! This year for me has been all about aiming for my dreams!

    I'd love to...
    - work part time in a fancy library (either at a university or the state library~) while having a little family ♥
    - draw lots of pretty things and keep growing my blog as a place to feature my art (and lots of other lovely things)

  10. You have a very lovely blog here. I love your header illustration! Amazing.

    Dreams.... life ambitions... to be a mum one day and write one or two fantastic books about my research :-)

    Sal x

  11. These are lovely photos.

    My biggest dream is to be a published author: to have my creative works realized. That and a gigantic library!

  12. Stunning photos!
    And of course, those words are something I've always lived by.

    My (main) dreams are to be a well known songwriter.
    And to live in Nashville.

  13. to work as an art and design writer and travel the world doing it :)

  14. I want to sing. That's my main one. Sing everywhere for anybody that'll listen (and maybe people who won't). I also wanna own a vintage clothing/bakery store. I haven't decided where in the world yet and be surrounded by amazing people (:

  15. Beautiful pics!
    I love this post!
    Thanks for the comment!
    I followed you!
    Follow back if you like!

  16. Love this post!

    I dream of travel, happiness and love.

  17. This is beautiful =)
    I dream of working a job that I love and allows me to be creative, marrying my love, and a houseful of children.

  18. i love the airy vibe of these shots. I am not sure what my big dream is...I just want to live a happy life

  19. Oh I have so many dreams, I want to live somewhere in the UK, read every book I have ever wanted to read. Find REAL LOVE, the kind I¨ve heard of in fairytales, because I still believe, Hope is what we hang on to!!

  20. I just couldn't agree more!

    I've been blogging a lot about dreaming lately and one of my favorite things to do is to ask people what their dreams are. Isn't it wonderful when people open up and share? :) :)

  21. Your blog is so fun :)
    I dream of being used by my gracious and glorious Lord Jesus to bring happiness and joy to those who have so little. I dream of Traveling and I dream of creating art that I consider great. I dream of true love. I dream of having a popular blog. I dream of writing... I dream of a lot of things *sheepish grin*

  22. breathtaking pics:)


  23. I adore this, you speak wise words girl. You're a real inspration.

    Helen, X

  24. That is a really nice quote. I will have to remember that one.

    My dream is to own my clothing shop, and to spend my day blogging, decorating my home, social networking and generally working on my little shop. <3


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