Friday, September 02, 2011

Liam & Ruby at NZFW

Attending the Liam & Ruby shows at New Zealand Fashion Week was the best introduction to runway I could have had. Not only was I seated beside Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage so we could enjoy it together, but we were also front row which meant we had the best close up view you could wish for. The pictures above are from the Liam collection which came out first. Liam will be replacing Madame Hawke and I was highly impressed by what I saw. With a colour palette of neutrals mixed with pops of bright orange and aqua tones, luxe fabrics, clean design and a polished look, there was so much to love! Not to mention the amazing live soundtrack of Chelsea Jade Metcalf in Watercolours playing in the background. 

Next up was the Ruby show which was full of over sized knit jumpers, tailored prints, geometric/tribal-ish prints, shift dresses and metallic details. Ruby seems to be Liams younger, more playful sister, whereas Liam could be more aimed to young professionals, between the two they've got all bases covered! All in all, it was a great show!
(pictures 3 & 6 from Always Sometimes Anytime, rest my own)


  1. The Ruby show looks gorgeous. I love the use of colour. Lovely knits.

    Christie (Dark Blue Stripes)


  2. This all looks fantastic. Those metallic pants are a dream!

  3. love the pieces!


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