Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deja Entendu

(images by me, taken with the LC-A+, top in Brisbane, bottom in my hometown)

I've had a bit of an accidental blog hiatus this week haven't I? Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to fit in everything I want to do. I found a bunch of film photographs I still haven't scanned in so these two are just a taster and hopefully I'll get on top of scanning the rest soon.

As a side note, I've been re-listening to Brand New- Deja Entendu and realising that for me it's probably been one of the most significant albums in my life. What's yours? I'd love to know.


  1. Ohh that was one of my favourite albums at school! I will have to give them a re-listen as well :)

  2. Mine is actually Deja Entendu too. I saw Brand New live last week in London and it was the most poignant gig i've ever been too- we were front row and they opened with Tatou and I could've sobbed.

  3. I definitely know how you feel. There just hasn't been nearly enough time this week.

  4. this is probably far too obvious, but i smiled a bit when you said that you've been re-listening to an album called deja entendu ;).

  5. My sweet,

    Do not feel slack about blogging.

    We soak up and appreciate each blog of yours so dearly, that to miss a couple of days it perfectly ok.

    This is because for us, the joy of a single blog post of yours lasts beyond one single day. (:

    And also. We do not want blogging to become a burden, or a to- do for you. So blog less frequently, to let it be something that is fun for you, if need be. (:

    So do not fret about, not blogging.

  6. I feel a bit like that with time! So much to do and so little time to do it all. Sometimes I wish I didn't need 8 hours sleep, but I'm super cranky without it. I'm loving listening to The Paper Kites at the moment - great chilling out music.

  7. Loveee Brand New, seeing them live was a life highlight! Lovely pictures hun.


  8. such a good album. i love listening to old albums like that and still feeling the same connection and emotion i felt when i first listened to it, and falling more in love with the songs.
    one album for me is the first album i owned from mewithoutYou's, catch for us the foxes. after 8 years it still gets me..

  9. I adore that album, of course, as much as I adore them. And it's easily one of the closest to my heart, too. But I think I was sold on Deathcab for Cutie's album, Plans.

  10. Hey, I love film photography, but I have a really hard time scanning my photos. They never come out as nicely as yours did. It would be great if you could write a post with scanning tips! :)


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