Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smokey Eye

Outfit details:
Mink Pink Marle Stripe Tee c/o Market HQ
Mink Pink Radiate Necklace c/o Market HQ
Cloggs c/o Ugg Australia
Photography: Kopie Photography

On the weekend Krystal from Kopie Photography and I met up for another shoot. This time Lauren from Lauren West Makeup came along too and gave me this smokey eye look. I have to admit this is quite different for me as I'm pretty stuck on my daily routine of nude eyeshadow and a winged liquid line so it was fun to try something different! As for the outfit, I've been thrashing this t-shirt/ necklace combo a lot lately and I love it. Would have been a cute look for summer with some high waisted denim shorts on the bottom, but sadly tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and there's a noticeable chill in the air, so it might be awhile before I can try that look out!


  1. wow, you look so striking with the smokey eye.



  2. You look gorgeous :)

    Really love that skirt!

  3. Smokey eye looks great on you. And, oh, the skirt! It's so gorgeous! I wish you'd post more of it soon.
    I'm so jealous of your autumn. In my area, spring is kicking in - just when I found a ton of old sweaters to wear. Or, as it seems, to lay in the closet until next winter.
    Anyway, I adore your blog and been following it for a while but haven't commented because I didin't have a blog of my own until recently. That's that, looking forward to your upcoming posts! :)

  4. I really really love your outfit! I've been looking for a skirt that colour for ages. You look quite different without winged eyeliner but this look definitely suits you! So pretty :)

  5. Wow smokey eyes look perfect on you!Ans I love that skirt!

  6. oooo smokey looks great on you! I love the top with the necklace.

  7. The makeup looks great on you, and yes it's really different from your style, but is good to try something diferrent, and you are so pretty
    lovely outfit.

  8. it looks great on you and those are so cute clogs.

  9. You look lovely! Love the smokey eye on you and I love your outfit too.

  10. She did a great job with your eyeshadow. The smokey eye is hard to do right (at least for me).

    Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  11. You look absolutely stunning! Loving the smokey eye with your black tights & clogs. Really cute summer look, I can't wait for a time when three jackets aren't necessary!


  12. wonderful skirt and great top, adore the shoes too

  13. you look absolutely gorgeous, lady!!

  14. I think you look amazing with your eyes like this. Gorgeous, simply amazing!

  15. You look stunning here!! =) - xo,


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