Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Brick Lipstick - Free Photoshop Curve



Hello Sweethearts, I'm Lily from a little blog called Red Brick Lipstick. And like so many of you I am in love with Here Comes the Sun, it's a daily read and love so when I got the opportunity to write a guest blog post I nearly died and went to heaven.

I really love the photography side and so today I'm giving you all a free Photoshop curve. The curve you can download is called 'Sweet Little Macarons' reason being because it was devised for an image of a macaron tower I took. It's lovely for pastel colours and colourful pictures, it also gives images a slightly film looking feel to it.

To download this Photoshop curve, please click here! Oh and if you'd like to say a little thank-you in return for the lovely colours, please like my facebook photography page here.


  1. What a lovely surprise Amanda, thank-you so much for this opportunity! I literally can't thank-you enough!

  2. this is a lovely curve, I've been looking for a new one and this is perfect!
    thank you amanda and lilly!
    love livvy xoxo

  3. this is wonderful! Thank you for such a lovely curve, i am so excited to try it!! xxx

  4. Sorry, but theres hardly any difference. Maybe it's my monitor, but I kept looking between them and wondering what was supposed tohave changed :(

  5. I followed you!!! Lovely blog! <3 Thanks for the free curve!

  6. You have a good job, like them.


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