Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Highs & Lows

(picture credits - one. two. three)

Little things about life I've been loving and not loving lately:

Healthy May is underway and I'm enjoying connecting with bloggers and encouraging each other towards a healthier lifestyle.

♥ Autumn has arrived in New Zealand and the mornings are so crisp and clear, the trees are changing colours and I'm adding more layers to my wardrobe. I love this time of year.

♥ I'm re-reading Harry Potter at the moment and reliving the glory all over again. I'd forgotten how much I completely love these books and get so swept up in the world. I just started The Order of the Phoenix last night and can't wait to get home today to snuggle up with it.

♥ I'm fitter than I've ever been in my life and even though the weather is getting colder I haven't let that stop me from running. It feels so satisfying!

♥ MBFWA is on at the moment and my twitter/ instagram feeds are full of it. This is a low just out of pure jealousy because I wish I was there too right now. Maybe next year I'll get the time off work and go.

♥ It's so dark when I finish work now that it's hard to find the time to take blog pictures which means I am waaaay behind on outfit posts I have lined up to shoot

♥ In less than two weeks Ilana from See Me Everywhere and her hubby are moving to Melbourne, Australia. I'm so excited for them but at the same time so emotional about not living in the same place as them anymore.

♥  I still really really really miss Ziggy :(


  1. I just started rereading Harry Potter as well! Just finished Sorcerer's Stone and waiting for Chamber of Secrets to get returned to me (hopefully tonight)! I plan on rewatching each movie after I finish each book as well :)

  2. It's so strange to think that it is Autumn where you are while it's Springtime here! Anyway, I'm so happy to see that Healthy May is something you're looking forward to. A lot of people dread the idea of becoming healthier because they know how much work is involved, but I'm glad it's so positive. Hopefully that will inspire more positive changes in others!

    So sorry about Ziggy.


  3. I was so sorry to hear about Ziggy, our beautiful cat passed away almost two years ago and it was just awful. One thing I really wish I had done is to write down my memories of her, I know it will seem like you could never forget Ziggy, but when I think of my cat I sometimes struggle to separate my memories of her from memories of the cat we have now. I do also have loads of photos of her to look through when I get sad, they really help.

  4. Aw hun... I hate it when cats pass away, my lovely Lucy died of cancer 2 years ago... She was my baby.

    Also completely jealous of MBFWA. Dying to go. I'm heading to Sydney at the end of June now, so at least I still get to go shopping!

    I love autumn, hating how wellington is drenched in rain during autumn. Down south it's so much nicer during autumn and winter!

  5. Great pics! I'd love to join 'Healthy May'! Am I too late? I could do with a fitness/healthy eating boost this month.

    Also I just read the post about your cat Ziggy :( :( What a shame, I hope you're ok. It's such a horrible thing to go through xx

  6. Ooh Healthy May!? I may have to try this!

  7. I am reading Harry Potter again as well! (Probably about the 4th time I have hahaha Harry Potter nerd =P ) I am about half way through The Order of the Phoenix as well, no matter how many times I read these book they are just as amazing as the first time!

    I'm also reading Game of Thrones, which is just as good and exciting so it makes it very hard to choose what I am going to read each night!

    Emma x

  8. Autumn is my favourite season! I have acquired several new knitted jumpers and I feel like a new woman.

    I'm really sorry about your cat. :(

  9. You go girl! Always great to find another kiwi blogger!
    please check out my new blog x

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that your grief for Ziggy isn't subsiding. It will soften, I promise. It's just hard.

    I am struggling with getting my food photos done. I prefer natural light but it's so dark by the time I am done cooking that I think I am going to start bringing out lighting. I totally get how annoying it is - I really think Daylight Savings should be year-round. I.e. they should just shift the clock forwards once and for all.

    My healthy May is off to an awful start. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

  11. I love your blog, and I think we should follow each other -

  12. Props to you for sticking with your running. Colder temps always make me feel so lazy.

  13. i like the pictures. And there's always something so nice about getting healthy. I just got off the Daniel's Fast (essentially a vegan diet) and I've never felt better! My eating habits have changed immensely!

  14. Ahh, I wish it were Autumn. Spring is fully underway in Europe and that means rain, rain, rain in grey old England. Boo, rain sucks! Harry Potter is a constant source of joy in my life, think it's about time for my annual re-read! Lots of love about your cat, it's so sad for you :(

    Rosie xx
    Just Listen

  15. yay for your highs and sigh for your lows.. would like to give you thumbs up again for bringing in healthy may, i'm really really inspired. i'm not feeling well today with the cold tho so i'm skipping gym and can't be as active as i wanted to, boo... well i still have the whole month to make up for it so will get back right to it in few days when i get well!

  16. wow, I love the vintage pictures!

  17. It made me cry a little reading the story about Ziggy, he was such a beautiful cat. He was lucky to have two amazing owners. Things will get better.

    Love Hannah

  18. Hi, from where came your jacket?


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