Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Instagram Recap: Tea & Cake

(all pictures from my instagram: @herecomesthesunblog)

1. Red velvet birthday cake
2. Pretty decorations at a friends birthday party
3. Out for tea with friends
4. New books to add to the collection (Moby Dick & Gulliver's Travels)
5. Painting a rainbow on my nails
6. My cat has his own iPad game... so hip :P
7. Fresh flowers at home
8. In love with my new iPad
9. Sweet treats from the husband

Just a selection of a few recent snaps of mine on instagram for those of you who don't have the app. It still has to be one of the most used applications on my phone and I just ticked over the 5000 follower mark, so thank you to everyone who has joined me on there :) What are your favourite accounts to follow? Maybe I should do a post with a round up of my faves... In fact, keep an eye out for that soon!


  1. Instagram is kind of my life! Juntowa is a good user to follow, she posts pictures of her cats and dogs every single day so it takes up most of my favorited pictures :) Follow me too! pritchett_grace


  2. Your instagtam pictures are so pretty! I also had a red velvet cake this year for my birthday (: xx

  3. Gah, your kitty playing with the Ipad is sooo adorable!

  4. aww your cat is the cutest thing! x

  5. Your pictures are just stunning! I love the backgrounds you choose to make things look even more pretty!

    karen joanne xx

  6. Your instagram photos are so pretty! You have such a lovely life with such pretty things!

  7. Such pretty pictures! I'm obsessed with kevinruss and sakuracos right now. Kevinruss does GORGEOUS shots of American national parks, and sakuracos has silly, almost alien looking cats. Love them!

  8. I love the way you do these posts!
    Hope you don't mind, I've tried my own version of it.


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