Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day In My Life

I've always wanted to do a 'day in the life' post and today I actually got around to it. Here's a peek into my Friday:
// 7.30am A quick breakfast as I rush out the door to work //
// 7.35am I listen to podcasts on my ipad on the way to work, mostly those from Fletch & Vaughan //
// 8.00am Sitting down at my desk at Queensberry with my morning coffee //
// 10am We said goodbye to our accountant at work today and she treated us to cupcakes //
// 10.30am My corner of the office, this is where I spend most of my day //
// 12.00pm Heading out for sushi for lunch with some girls from the office //
// 4.30pm Finished work for the day and snacking on almonds in the car before I drive home //
// 5.00pm A quick stop at the supermarket for a few weekend essentials //
// 6.00pm getting ready to start making dinner //

That last picture was followed by the downloading, editing and blogging of these pictures and the rest of my day will consist of a friend coming for dinner and a quiet night in with wine & good company.

And there we have it, a day in my life! At some stage I think I might do this again but on a weekend day as well. I had fun documenting little moments throughout the day today, hope you like it too :) 


  1. Oooh I love to see posts like this! Maybe you could do one every month xXx

  2. Love this post! I want to do one like this! you eat really healthy! and I like your desktop background ha x

  3. I love posts like this! It's so interesting to take a look into someone else's life!

  4. I love these posts! Im so nosey, looking into everyones daily life haha xx

  5. It was fun seeing a day in your life :)

  6. I like this post, you've inspired me!!

  7. Ahh! I love these sorts of posts! It's such a fun way to get an 'inside look' at blogger's lives! Thanks a million for sharing! Your office corner is precious!

  8. i love this post :) you should do more of these!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  9. I always enjoy these kinds of posts! Its fun to get a little sneak peak into your life.

  10. I like your idea!! I like every picture of every moment ^^
    kisses from Spain

  11. Great post! It's nice to see someone elses daily routine :) X

  12. Great pics! I love the post:)

  13. I love day in a life posts!
    It's so fun to see how other people spend their days.
    I like your desktop background, the quote is great
    (although what C.S. Lewis quote isn't?) and the stag is lovely.

  14. Ahhh I love these kinds of posts. So interesting.
    Also, hooooly shit I just got into Fletch & Vaughan podcasts (and podcasts in general) I'VE BEEN MISSING OUT. SO GOOD.
    Btw, I didn't realise you live in New Zealand! I feel like I'm the only NZ resident on the internet sometimes (or at least in the blogosphere)
    Lovely post :)

    The Lovelorn

  15. I love these sort of posts, you should do more! And I really like your desktop background too. Lovely :)

    swans and lists

  16. This was really sweet :) Nice to get a little insight into the lives of others. Your desk is so neat, mines always strewn with papers :P

    My friend Lauren is a wedding photographer in Auckland, she swears by Queensberry! You might even know her, I think she goes to the same church as you (seen it mentioned in comments).

  17. I love posts like this - its so interesting to see what other people do during the day!

  18. Love this post! Reminds me of the days before I became a mum & it was just hubby & I enjoying working and life together. I live your desktop wallpaper too! Where can we find it?

  19. *love. Sorry, iPhone auto correct :)

  20. I love this photos, where do you work?


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