Sunday, July 15, 2012


One of the fun things about moving has been having a new place to decorate and make feel like home. While shopping for new furniture or things for our house hasn't quite been in the budget, it's always fun to find new ways to display old things. Because so many of our books had been tucked away in boxes for a long time now it was fun to rediscover what we already had and I thought I would take a few pictures of some of my favourite corners.

Maybe one day when I'm completely satisfied with how it's all looking I'll do a proper home feature but for now enjoy this little sneak peek :) Happy weekend x


  1. lovely photos~
    love them!! :D
    hope you have chance to stop by my photo blog sometimes! any feedback is greatly appreciated! thanks~

    have a wonderful sunday!! :)

  2. Very lovely. That's my favourite with unpacking and getting things ready in a home too. The least fun part is the packing of my books (a whole library almost) but taking them up is like seeing old friends again).

  3. love those babushka dolls!!!!!

  4. Cute details so far. I have the same babushka measuring cups. :-)

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  5. Such cute little trinkets! It's all those little details that make a house really feel like a home.

  6. Adorable accents to your new home, Amanda!
    I'm doing the same... I spent too much on cameras so I'm sorta broke, but buying & photographing little corners. I'm happy with how it's going, can't wait to see more of your home. :)

  7. :)) i am going to move in september for a little appartment with my boyfriend and i can't wait for this ! the little decorations ahh i am so excited :D
    I love these details of your house, the russian dolls and the twinings box especially

  8. I love the idea of moving! It's very inspiring to find things and finally make the new home look a little bit more like ourselves.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English :x

    A wish of happiness from Brazil!

  9. I love love love the white china dolls, where did you get them? :) x

  10. How cute! I really love those cat figurines, they're adorable :)

  11. oh I wanna see more please :)
    must be fun havign a new space to set up.

  12. Darling! I can't wait to see a big over view too. Other people's homes are so inspiring to me.

  13. How lovely!

    We are moving in two weeks! I'm so excited to "redecorate" and make it ours but we also have no budget for furniture splurges.. (which makes me sad while pouring over interior blogs) but I guess slowly month by month you get new things and it becomes awesome over time!


  14. Aww these pictures are so adorable!
    I want that Beatles book so badly, anyway you're a lovely person and you're blog it's super cute.

  15. I love moving and re-dressing a place! I've only ever rented so the decor has had to come from using the little treasures I have in different ways.
    It's so lovely having a fresh start and getting creative!
    I love this sneak peek and look forward to a full feature!

  16. You still have cute and lovely things. =)


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