Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Goals

This year is going so fast and it feels like 2013 is just around the corner. New years resolutions for most of us are probably just distant memories by now. So I thought I would set myself 5 simple goals to achieve by the end of the year. Here they are:

1. Make an editorial calendar: Life is busy. I'm balancing my career, blogging, family, a social life and exercise. Sometimes it's hard to find a time for it all, so making a calendar or guide for my blog will help me map out what I want to share on here, and also in the long run save me time. No more sitting staring at a blank screen waiting hours for inspiration to hit!

2. Use my film cameras more: As much as I love my DSLR and instagram, film was my first love and it's time to get back to it. I'm sad to say I can't remember the last time I got a roll developed! I have a pretty good collection of film cameras just collecting dust - what a waste!

3. Finish reading Game of Thrones: (well, the ones that are out so far). As much as I'm enjoying this series, I'm also finding it really challenging. It's just such a different style to what I normally read, so it's taking me much longer to get through. Which is also annoying because I love the story lines so much and want to know how things unfold! 

4. Learn new recipes: I've been doing pretty well with this goal, so this is more a reminder than anything. I really love cooking but it can be easy to buy the same old groceries and cook the same old meals, so I just want to continue to branch out and try different things.

5. Run 200kms: I use the Nike+ app to tracking my running and so far I've clocked 82kms. So making it to 200kms by the end of the year is actually really achievable (it equates to less than 10kms per week), so I'm really hoping I can smash this goal!

And that's it :) All simple, all achievable, and all worth getting through by the end of the year! Let me know if you join in with any goals too!

P.S I know I spelt calendar wrong when I hand wrote it. Not sure how that happened? I hate that kind of thing but I haven't had a chance to re-take the photo yet. Oops.


  1. oh I also have to use my camera more and start to bring in anywhere I go! haha :)

  2. ah, I love this! and that's such a creative way of putting it too. best of luck with the goals :)

  3. Grammar nazi says: *calendar

  4. Ahh, I can relate to the film camera thing! Sadly I've been neglecting my film SLR lately because it's just not convenient

  5. Good idea to set some new goals - I need to do the same. I've just done an editorial plan for my website for the same reason. It's making life easier already! I'm using google docs - love it as can access it anywhere. Isn't the Nike running app great? x x

  6. These are great goals - I'm totally with you on the film camera one, too!

  7. Love this post! I think I might do a similar one with my own five goals just to give me a little push to get it all done before the end of the year.

  8. I made a blog calendar a month ago and, believe me girl, posting has be so easier and fun since then!!!
    - I wish I could say the same with the running thing =S

  9. I love this idea, it's great to set goals! Achievable ones at that :)

    Good luck!

  10. hey amanda! i think this is just a great idea! i might follow you on this! (i'll definitely let you know if i do so ;) )

    Btw, i loved your hand-writing!

    have a great day!

  11. you HAVE to finish Game of Thrones. It only gets better!

  12. Love your goals! I'm slightly (maybe overly) obsessed with setting goals. 30 before 30... yearly goals... work goals... personal goals... The list goes on.

  13. Love this idea of goal setting before the end of the year, though I do remember doing something similar to do with baking certain things by the end of last year...that didn't happen! oops! Think I might start making a list (love lists) of some new goals to set! Thanks for the inspiration!
    p.s. I didn't even notice the spelling error until you pointed it out haha!

  14. Great idea!!! Thank you for the inspiration. Goals are always so important, yet it's so easy to forget to set them. :)

  15. What fun goals! I can't wait to see your blog posts about completing them! <3

  16. I love this idea!
    I recently set myself four simple goals, you can check them out on my blog too.
    How fun. Good luck with them all, I'm sure you'll smash them all!

    attempted ambition blog

  17. with you on goal #2! this is a good idea, i shall also write my simple goals to achieve before end of year!

  18. Good luck with your goals! I bet you can do them all before this year har passed! I got inspired by this consept and I think I will get some goals myself! This year has gone by so fast :)

  19. ooo I might have to do one of these goals for the rest of the year list. This year is going by WAY too quickly!

  20. LOVE this idea! I'm with you on just about every one of them!
    1. Editorial calendar... I, um, have one... but I don't use it. Goal: USE IT.
    2. Change this to use my DSLR more and not rely on my iPhone for everything!
    3. I'm reading a similar "epic fantasy" novel series which I LOVE to death, but since it's not my usual style, I'm also having a hard time getting through. I've been 'stuck' on one book for almost 2 months. Eek!
    4. Word!
    5. YES! I'm 100% there with you on this one! I just started learning to run and I love it! I'm at 20 km after 3 weeks (admittedly, about half of that is walking). My goal is I want to be able to run for 10 minutes without stopping. :)

    Good luck with your goals - we can do this!!
    x K

  21. i have been feeling quite low the past couple of days, but this post is very motivating and inspiring! thanks for sharing :)


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