Thursday, September 27, 2012

Plain Gold Ring

Thin gold rings from Sabo Skirt | Blazer, shirt & belt c/o Market HQ | Vintage velvet skirt

Tonight we went out to the movies (we saw Looper with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt - it was amazing) and took a few pictures on the way. I know I've gushed enough about my love for cherry blossoms already, but seriously this city is littered with them at the moment and it makes me so happy.

Also, I have to point out my love for thin gold rings at the moment. Next on my shopping list is the Gold Vine Ring from Sabo Skirt, and the Double Cross Ring and Delicate Horse Ring from Asos. Time to build a collection!


  1. Beautiful photos! xo


  2. You look so stunning, I LOVE your jewellery so much! Just gorgeous :)

    My boyfriend reckons I won't like Looper, because the advert made it look quite complicated and I'm not much of a fan of films where you have to think loads. Is it really confusing? :S I'd really like to go, but the cinema's so extortionate I don't want to waste my money, haha!

  3. Gorgeous blazer.

  4. That blazer is magic.


  5. amazing blazer :)

  6. I'm loving thin rings at the moment too - currently building up a collection of silver ones so I can stack them as well.

    P.S. all the photos with the new lens are looking amazing.


  7. Those are so gorgeous and simple...I love them!

    I also love your blazer!!

  8. Looking so nice! These rings are very comfortable for every women. I hope she will be feel well with her rings.
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