Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs + A Confession

White button up c/o Chicwish, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

I just realised that although the main point for these pictures was sharing the sunnies, we somehow forgot to get a photo with them actually on my face. Oops. But I've been wearing them a lot so I'm sure they'll make an appearance on here again sometime soon! Haha.

Also, I feel I must make a confession: though we've had a DSLR for around a year now, we've mostly been shooting on auto. I know, I know. I guess I've always been intimidated by the manual settings and haven't trusted myself enough to give it ago. Shooting auto is extremely dissatisfying because you can always tell you're not getting the best results possible and a few times I've had to even discard blog pictures because there was nothing Photoshop could do to save them. Anyway, I discovered this 'cheat sheet' and it gave me some good beginner understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. So if you're feeling like I was, I definitely recommend checking it out. I understand that the chart is just the beginning and I have so much more to learn, but I'm just excited to have taken a step in the right direction. Today I even purchased my first non-kit lens (I feel like I've earned it!) and I've been practising like crazy (my cat is a willing subject thankfully) and been reading a million tutorials and educating myself. So, there you go. I just wanted to be honest and also because I'm sure there are many of you who can understand where I'm coming from!


  1. Amanda you are not alone. I majored in Photography for my degree and I even use the Auto setting....for shame! Haha.
    I find it's mostly laziness on my part, when I need images I usually need them quickly and just don't take the time to measure the light properly and set apertures etc. Good on you for biting the bullet and taking the time to figure it all out though! Your images will look amazing i'm sure x

  2. Amanda, your shirt is so beautiful. Love so much the color pastel.
    See you soon , Anais xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the cheat sheet!
    I was the same way: had my SLR for over a year and only ventured a little past auto settings. But once my friend taught me the basics of manual, I found I only had to play around for a minute before finding what worked, and now I get pictures closer to how I imagined than with the auto settings.
    Good luck with shooting in manual!

  4. thanks lots for the cheat sheet. I dont have a DSLR (yet) for the simple reason that I knew I would just use auto anyway but I think this little cheat sheet might be the push I need into buying one of my very own.

  5. dont be scared to experiement and try the settings. doing at home first is how i learn best. you know there is also settings on the camera whaere you only do one manual and leave rest on auto. i like to use this a lot!! i choose to only control depth of field - make is a low number around 4 and then you can get blurred background and let the cameras choose the correct shutter speed and auto focus. for you photos as theyre all outdoors you could set camera on 200 or 400 iso for everything.

  6. I got a Nikon some three o four years ago, and I've realized that what I love so much about photography is that you can compare your old photos with your newer ones, and see how you've actually gotten better. I have, just as you say you do, a lot left to learn, and I know I will as time passes. Love Agnes.

  7. love your sunnies! and thanks for sharing the link :)


  8. Ahh I feel ya. I've had my camera for four years and am still discovering new functions haha. x

  9. Beautiful photos! I like the tones :)

    And the thing with photography is that you always discover new things, the hardest thing always is to just try and start! I am happy that you wont be taking photos in auto focus anymore, and at the start you might feel the struggle but you'll remember all the things (exposure, iso etc) later :)

    I think you might enjoy one of my blog posts, few of my tips for photographers :)

    And I gonna follow you, I want to see how it goes for you and your blog is lovely!

  10. Thanks for the cheat sheet! Hope it helps, I'm in the same boat, got a DSLR, no idea how to use it. It's so sad, just like you said you know the photo has so much more potential! It's a work in progress, good luck with your photography!


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