Sunday, October 07, 2012

Summer Retro Free Photoshop Curve

Hello readers :) This is Amanda from Amanda Mabel Photography guest-posting on Amanda's (same name :P) lovely blog. Today I'll be giving away free photoshop colour in the form of a curve preset which you can download from here. 
When I first started using Photoshop it was incredibly confusing because of all the different tools and names. It took me half a year and constant practice to finally be able to manipulate tones (through curve presets), exposure, vignette, levels, saturation.. you get the drift. I realised how much easier it is if you have someone guiding you, or at least something to refer to, while exploring the vast interface of Photoshop. I hope that the free curves and actions presets I give away on my blog are the very things that are able to help you through your Photoshop journey. Or if you're already extremely experienced with the programme, you now have more options when adding and changing colour in your photos. :) 

I'll be giving away free curve/action presets regularly every week or two. Please enjoy using them and if you have further suggestions for new types of colour you want to use or if you just want to show some love, you can always comment on the blog or Facebook. Thanks so much to Amanda for the opportunity to post! :) 

Amanda Mabel Photography
Guest Post


  1. What a great guest post! Thanks, Amanda! I'm following you now and I can't wait to see some more great curves!


  2. Hi Amanda, which brand of camera are you using, I'm asking because I use Canon and I've been working with PictureStyles and I found several presets that were made with PictureStyle Editor that lets you create a preset adjusts to override the normal Standard, Portrait, Neutral, Faithfull, Monochrome and even 8 original Canon addon PictureStyles releaaes by them. Lately I had found third party PictureStyles emulating Fuji Velvia and Provia film as Kodak Portra and Ektachrome and these presets can be loaded on the camera body or even if you're qorking with RAW and as the case of Canon id you use Canon software to edit RAW you can add to the picture a wide variety of PictureStyle presets that you prefer to work with. my idea is that this is an interesting way to port the way you want to achieve the photo in Photoshop with actions and curves directly to a PictureStyle or similar in the different brand of camera, directly as a PictureStyle or preset on the camera body to apply it on the run off Photoshop. Thank for your contributions of actions and curves, now I understand better the way I can achieve some results in my photos through Photoshop. Kind regards, Miguel (@miguelespino on instagram/twitter) (:


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