Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog layouts & design

| Images by Christina Galani

Hopefully most of you have noticed by now that I've had a revamp to my blog design! It's been a long time coming and I'm overjoyed with the results. It began with my new header illustration from Tabitha Emma and finished with layout changes and improvements from Christina Galani. Both of these girls are absolutely amazing to work with and I definitely recommend them both if you're looking to make changes to your blog or website design.

♥ Tabitha is a freelance designer and illustrator who offers services in design, graphics, textiles and illustrations. You can view her portfolio here and she also has a beautiful blog. Tabitha illustrated my beautiful header. 

♥ Christina specialises in blog designs, logos, branding and website templates and you can view her portfolio here. She also has a beautiful tumblr and an equally beautiful blog. Christina added the ribbon to my navigation bar, customised the layout and background, redesigned my social media icons with a hover effect and designed the 'about me' widget. She also managed to included a little cat in my post footers which couldn't make me more happy! 


  1. Christina is amazing. I absolutely love her work and what she did with your blog -- it looks great Amanda! She designed my header earlier in the year and it made such a huge difference to my blog <3
    xx Maria

  2. I love her pictures, beautiful.


  3. love that blue sweater with a delicate mesh skirt


  4. Hehehe thanks so much!! And you Maria of course!
    I'm gonna go tell my best friend (the redhead in the photos!) that she's in your blog! She'll be excited! ;D

  5. christina RULEZZZZ!
    huge fan of her work!
    μπραβο χριστιναρα!

  6. Love the layout and your header is gorgeous!


  7. i'm in love with your blog, the layout is beautiful :)) i'm following!
    ps: i really need those iphone lenses

    my blog: http://sayilovemary.blogspot.pt/

  8. Aaaabsolutely adore the new layout :)

  9. Your new blog layout is so gorgeous! <3 Congrats on it!

  10. Your blog is super lovely! Big like! <3

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  12. Your new design looks really beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. And a gorgeous new header. Love the photos as well. Nice and cozy!

  13. I love your new design, they have done a great job!

    Marie lived in London

  14. Lovely new design! I had a look at Christina's portfolio and it's beautiful! x

  15. I'm visually stunned!


  16. Haha, the cat is really a lovely touch! Beautiful color scheme as well!



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