Friday, November 30, 2012

Things to look forward to in December

One of the things I love most about living in New Zealand is the excitement of this time of year. It's a beautiful marriage of the holiday season and the start of our summer. I get so excited when December hits and not only is the weather getting warmer but I also get to enjoy Christmas festivities and all my little traditions as well. I have so much coming up this month so I thought I would write a list of some of the things I'm looking forward to, here we go:

♥ Putting up our Christmas tree and decorating the house (happening today!)
♥ Visiting a pretty decorated neighbourhood at night (I'll be going to Franklin rd, Ponsonby)
♥ Reaching my 'run 200km's before the end of the year' goal (35kms to go, I can do this)
♥ Having my first beach swim of the season
♥ Making lists and shopping for loved ones
♥ Sharing my 'best of 2012' posts
♥ Sharing some holiday gift guides (P.S see my ones from previous years here)
♥ Going to the outdoor cinema at Silo Park to watch Home Alone
♥ Baking a gingerbread house
♥ Trying out some new summer cocktail recipes

Ahh I love this time of year! What do you like about December? Do you have any traditions you take part in?


  1. My colleague is from Australia and always talks about the warm antipodean Christmas. I find it fascinating! It's just such an alien concept to me!


  2. Yay I love Christmas!!
    You will have to share EVERYTHING so I can see all the beautiful and awesome things you get up to :)

    1. I shall be taking photos of EEEEEVERYTHING along the way and then photoshopping you in :P haha xx

  3. swimming, warm nights, cool drinks, good food. I dont love Christmas...I love summer holidays. whooop!!!!

    1. And gelato and jandals and barbecues and sunbathing and salty hair and freckled noses and fresh flowers.... ahh blissful!

  4. LOVE THIS!!


  5. Love this what a great list.

  6. I love this list!! I am so jealous as I live here in Seattle, WA and all we get here is rain for Christmas and dark/cold weather. I will pretend I'm on a beach in NZ. :)

  7. The outdoor cinema sounds so lovely! I think watching all the corny Christmas movies on TV, planning presents, looking at Christmas lights with friends and watching my little cousins get super excited about Santa visiting would have to be my favourite things that happen in December :).

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see Home Alone!!
    We'll probably take a walk down Franklin as well. I bet it's beautiful!

  9. Oh, I'm jealous, outdoor cinema in december... I wish I could do that, but I live in Europe and we've got winter now, cold days, cold nights, snow ;( But watching Home Alone, drinking hot tea and lying in bed all day - these are things I love about december ;)

  10. I love about the white Christmas! But I'm also sad as 2012 is ending :( Loving the first photo so much! The lights are so magical and wonderful <3 Hope you have a beautiful December, dear x

  11. Hi I was just interested to know what program you use to get that circle over picture look?


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