Monday, December 03, 2012

Dizzy Little Dotty

Australian based label Dizzy Little Dotty wants to hold your hand and take you head first into a whimsical, enchanted world. The designs are bursting with energy, playful and spontaneous - putting emphasis on a style that is iconic, and exclusively you.

I was so excited when Lauren Carney got in touch with me to tell me about this project. I've been a big fan of Lauren's art for years (take a look at her work here) and it was a cool moment to see her name pop up in my inbox. The Dizzy Little Dotty t-shirts are full of fun and quirky designs, make sure you check them out at her online store! And do keep an eye out here as well because I'll have a special giveaway of one of her t-shirt designs soon too :) 


  1. I <3 Lauren Carney Art. My favourite is The Krakken print (which I'm looking at on my wall now), her new collaboration with Mel Stringer is also pretty super.

  2. I think that's an adorable outfit. Love the color of the skirt!

  3. ah, all of this clothing is just so darling! i love all of it.

    lindsey louise


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