Monday, December 10, 2012

Frankie: Gift Paper Book

One of my favourite things about this time of year is shopping for loved ones and wrapping everything up in the prettiest paper and ribbons I can find. I tend to leave my shopping to the last minute (on purpose) because I love the buzz of a festive atmosphere. The porcelain coffee mug is the only present I've bought so far this year (for my husband - he was there when I found it so I'm not ruining any surprise) so I've got a lot to get through in the next two weeks!

Anyway, at least I have my wrapping paper all sorted. Frankie have released their first gift paper book and it couldn't be sweeter. If you want your own copy you can pick it up here. Frankie also asked my friends Andrew and Carissa (see our adventures together here) to make one of their stop motion videos for it and the results are amazing - check it out: 


  1. The video is so clever!!! Gorgeous paper!

  2. I have a couple of floral porcelain mugs, and I've always wanted to find one for the boyfriend, but they're all a bit too girlie! haha. That one is perfect! And I love the stop motion video, it is way too cute!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  3. Ahh awesome!

  4. Now I want to wrap all the presents I'm giving in the cutest paper ever! Thank you so much :) I love your blog so much. I can relate to your posts even though I'm only 14. Love you and your blog xx

    1. Hi lovely, thanks so much for the kind comment!

  5. So pretty - don't you just love Frankie!


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