Thursday, December 06, 2012


So I clearly didn't look in the mirror properly before walking out of the house in this dress (or should I say - t-shirt!). I thought it was a lot longer than this and from looking at these pictures I've realised it should strictly only be worn with tights underneath in the future. Lesson learnt! So I apologise for the over-exposure of my legs but we took these pictures on the first day of summer and it was a nice memory walking around in the sunshine so I thought I'd share them anyway.

On a more sombre note... we might technically be in the sunshine season now but my country has had a bit of a rough day (to put it lightly). A storm has swept through various parts of NZ causing multiple deaths and injuries. Read more here. My thoughts and prayers are with those effected.


  1. Hi! I just write to tell you how envious I feel watching those spring/summery pictures of you!!! I live in Europe, and right now I'm just freezing!!! I think I might have caught a cold...:(
    Also I'd like to ask you, that watercolor of you smelling a red flowers (and specially the one you used to have in your old blog design, another watercolor with your cat <3<3<3)..Did you make them? Are you the artist behind them ? ;)Is there any chance I can get one of me, with my cat for a reasonable price? I love watercolors :)
    Hugs from Italy and Merry Christmas!!! (I know it's too early but I'm way too excited about them coming soon! :)

  2. Hey Amanda, gorgeous dress, looks babing on you!
    Suer sad news about Auckland :(
    I posted some cat photos on my blog today and I know you are a cat fan, thought you might like to see them :)

  3. V.pretty pics and that dress/tunic is lush! The weather looks lovely there, it's so dark here! Sorry to hear about the storm :( I normally try to keep uptodate with things in NZ as iv got family on the north island x

  4. The shoes are amazing!! is a nice outfit

  5. I love the outfit. You're right it is a bit short. Maybe red shorts? The weather out there looks better than the weather here. I'm sorry to hear about the storm =(

    1. red shorts is a cute idea, will give it a go :)

  6. You're making me miss summer! Love this dress on you, it looks so breezy and comfortable, while still looking super stylish!


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