Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 Years of Blogging Bliss!

The end of July marks my 4 year blog-anniversary (or 'blogiversary' if you like) and it's hard to believe how fast this time has gone. Here Comes the Sun has been such a big part of my life and I've really enjoyed developing content for it and the creative journey it's taken me on.

Through my blog I've met so many lovely people and had incredible opportunities that I don't think would have come into my path otherwise, and for that I'm so grateful. The pictures above are just a few of my favourite moments from my blogging life and I know I have so many more favourite moments ahead of me as well.

Thanks for reading my blog and here's to many more blog anniversaries to come!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Cornwall Park

(Floral blazer c/o Market HQ, Mink Pink minimalism shirt)

Cornwall Park at the bottom of One Tree Hill might just be one of my favourite spots in Auckland. The trees bend over the road, the fields are covered in wild flowers and it's always full of people having picnics, exercising, playing with their dogs and relaxing in the sun. 

We stopped by on the weekend with some friends (see the post over on Tornadoes and Tigers) and we managed to take a few pictures of my outfit as well. This blazer is one of the most worn/ most loved items in my wardrobe right now which is great because it's so easy to throw on over a top or dress. I've never been too big on wearing florals but it seems to be the theme for me right now! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Auckland Art & Craft Fair

Yesterday we went to the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. My good friend Dane had his own table (those are his bowties up there in the second picture) and a bunch of our friends from Hamilton came up for the day. I love supporting the handmade community in New Zealand so always enjoy these kinds of events. We had a fun day checking out all the stalls and meeting lots of lovely people and ducking out for a Japanese feast for lunch. It's been an amazing and exhausting weekend so I'm pretty stoked that my Sunday night plans include snuggling up on the couch for a few hours of Olympics viewing and an early night in bed. Bliss!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

There's something nice about wearing bright colours in the middle of winter - it makes the chilliness not seem so bad somehow? To be fair it feels like things have been warming up here lately and the worst of winter might just be over (fingers crossed). Only another month-ish to go and we'll be in Spring! It's kinda crazy to think this year has gone so fast. Also I just have to quickly point out my love for the floral print on my skirt.. It kinda reminds me of a beach towel or a Hawaiian shirt but either way I love it :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day In My Life

I've always wanted to do a 'day in the life' post and today I actually got around to it. Here's a peek into my Friday:
// 7.30am A quick breakfast as I rush out the door to work //
// 7.35am I listen to podcasts on my ipad on the way to work, mostly those from Fletch & Vaughan //
// 8.00am Sitting down at my desk at Queensberry with my morning coffee //
// 10am We said goodbye to our accountant at work today and she treated us to cupcakes //
// 10.30am My corner of the office, this is where I spend most of my day //
// 12.00pm Heading out for sushi for lunch with some girls from the office //
// 4.30pm Finished work for the day and snacking on almonds in the car before I drive home //
// 5.00pm A quick stop at the supermarket for a few weekend essentials //
// 6.00pm getting ready to start making dinner //

That last picture was followed by the downloading, editing and blogging of these pictures and the rest of my day will consist of a friend coming for dinner and a quiet night in with wine & good company.

And there we have it, a day in my life! At some stage I think I might do this again but on a weekend day as well. I had fun documenting little moments throughout the day today, hope you like it too :) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I love Thursday

Little things making me happy lately:

♥ snacking on almonds ♥ getting back into My Fitness Pal ♥ trying different cafes in Auckland like Little & Friday ♥ watching the OC with the husband ♥ watching the sun go down from the top of One Tree Hill ♥ visits from friends in other cities ♥ green tea with strawberry ♥ listening to podcasts on the way to work ♥ my new kitchen ♥ living so close to family ♥ planning my blog redesign ♥ exciting emails ♥ pilates ♥ berry cider ♥ reading in bed ♥ lazy Sundays♥

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Velvet & Tea

I was scrolling through pictures on my computer tonight, tidying up folders and deleting duplicates etc when I realised just how many food shots I've taken over the last few months. I know this isn't anything new or different, especially for a blogger, but I thought I may as well share a few of my faves before they get lost amongst my archives.

While I'm on the topic of food (and yes I know this is a bit of a contradiction to the sweet treats featured above) but after a small break I'm back on the My Fitness Pal regime. Since moving to Auckland I've been off it for a bit (too many exciting new food places to try!) but the holiday is over and it's time to return to my healthy habits. My time off got me thinking - I can't be the only one that needs a bit of a boost with it all and perhaps some kind of challenge or plan for August could be a good idea. I'm open to suggestions of how to run it so if you're interested just let me know :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Auckland Art & Craft Fair

This weekend is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair and I'm more than a little excited. If you can make it up to Auckland for the event I highly recommend it- it's a great chance to support the New Zealand handmade community and a perfect opportunity for a bit of shopping.

It's extra special for me this year with my good friend Dane setting up his own stall to sell goodies from his store The Lost Boys Club. If you see him make sure you say hello, and for that matter if you see me floating around I'd love to meet you too!

If you're planning to join us there it's being held at the Aotea Centre in the CBD from 11 - 3 for only a gold coin entry :)

(Collage images used from: Hunter Gatherer, Bird in a Bunny Suit, Bron Alexander, Bonjour Sweetie, Baka, The Lost Boys Club)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Social Kaleidoscope

To celebrate the release of their latest collection Kaleidoscope Cinematopia, Mimco have created something called The Social Kaleidoscope. I was given the chance for a sneak peek at the site and had fun creating a few kaleidoscopes with some of my favourite pictures and patterns. I thought it was a fun marriage of the digital world we live in and a hark back to childhood and a clever way to launch their new collection. To view more kaleidoscopes you can go here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello all, hope you're enjoying your weekend so far! Mine has been quite full on which has meant no time for shooting new blog posts, so instead here are a few phone pictures of what life has looked like lately. Good food, cozy moments and hanging out with the husband seems to be the theme that comes across here and I couldn't be happier about it.

I have lots more I want to share about plans for this wee blog and projects I've been involved in lately but that will all have to wait for now. Keep your eyes peeled for an update soon and enjoy your weekend! xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bastille Day Celebrations

I'm a little late getting to this post but here is a taste of what I got up to on Bastille day! We went to the local French markets again (see this post for more) and had croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. The crowds were out in full force since it was Bastille day so it was a little tricky to get around but it was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves on a perfectly sunny Saturday morning. 

Also, just a slightly off-topic side note but I feel I must confess: My tickets for Batman - The Dark Knight Rises are pre-booked for tomorrow night and I'm more than a little excited :) For those of you who have ever explored my archives (which I don't exactly encourage - my old posts can be cringe inducing) you might have noticed my first ever blog post was actually about my excitement for 2008's The Dark Knight. Oh how time has flown! 
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