Friday, February 15, 2013

Contributor | Liquid Liner Tutorial

Hi there! I hope you have all loved the guest posts so far and I trust you’ve all become as much of a recent convert to film photography, nail art, gift wrapping and chili chocolate as I have. I’m stoked to be popping over from my makeup website to post on Here Comes the Sun today and bring you guys (really, actually mostly just you girls) a tutorial for a makeup look I’ve been loving.

I used this look recently for a photo shoot (above) with Tina Sun and knew it was what I wanted to share with you.
Step 1) Apply a lid primer using your finger or brush, to prep your eyelid.

Step 2) Taking a black cream, gel, or liquid liner, line the length of your eyes using an angled brush. If you are hesitant about this step, keep the line as thin as possible and slowly build up thickness!

Step 3) Extend the line with a flick. Try keeping your eyes slightly open and looking in the mirror whilst drawing on the flick if you struggle with this.

Step 4) Taking a coloured liner, apply a line above the black liner mimicking the line we have created. (If you don’t have a coloured cream, liquid, or gel liner for this, try using an eye shadow and dipping into it with a wet brush, or using a lip colour). If desired; set this new line with an eye shadow of the same colour to speed up drying time.

Step 5) Curl your lashes and apply coatings of your favourite black mascara.

Have fun with this look! Play around with colour as much as you like, I have used blue, though as it is such a classic shape of liner I think that gives us more than enough permission to go crazy with colour!

See you all in a few weeks x

Gabrielle Houghton
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Looks so amazing! Love the ice blue!

  2. thanks for sharing, will defo try this out myself for college! Love your blog, hope you visit back :-)

  3. The blue liner is so lovely! :)


  4. Great tutorial! Love the blue pretty :)


  5. I admire a girl with a steady hand - lovely tutorial Gabrielle! Do you think this liner shape flatters hooded eyes? I'm so used to seeing myself natural it's hard to tell what looks good sometimes!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

    1. Hey Catherine! This would work for hooded eyes as long as the black liner is kept very thin and close to the lash line. A light colour (yellow?) for the second liner would flatter a hooded eye more than a dark one.
      I have hooded eyes too so I feel your pain - its so nice to get a model with great big eyes to work on!

      Gabrielle x

  6. This is brilliant, I think I'll definitely try it. It's different to what I normally do but not too over the top!

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  8. This is so cute, I'm always nervous about colored eye liner but this would be just perfect for summer!

  9. This is beautiful! It reminds me of the ocean with it's lovely shade of blue.

    sending you happy spells


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