Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 Days of Wellness | Update

I thought it was time I should check in regarding the April 30 Days of Wellness Challenge and let you know how I'm going with it. You can read my first post about this challenge and see my goals for it here. Like with any challenge of this kind I've had some successes and some not-so-great moments as well.

Where I've done well:
• As part of this challenge I set myself a goal to do a plank every day. I began the month only being able to last 17 seconds and I'm now up to 1.10 so I'm loving seeing the improvement!

• I aimed to cut down on my coffee intake and up my green tea consumption and I've done pretty well with this. I've been drinking around 3 coffees per week and 2 green teas per day, so I'm happy with that. 

• I've run over 50kms this month and I'm tracking to end the month around 65 in total. I was aiming for 80kms in total but considering how bad the weather has been here I'm still counting this as a positive! 

Where I've struggled:
• I somehow completely forgot about my goal not to have fizzy at all this month (I think you call it 'pop' in the states?) and I've probably had it at least 5 times which I'm feeling bad about.

• I've also had a little trouble learning to say no when I'm offered treats I don't really need. So i've probably eaten more cake and chocolate this month that I'd be willing to tell you. 

And that's kinda where I'm at! I definitely have some strengths that I'm grateful for (e.g I genuinely love fresh fruit and veges) but I just need that little burst of extra motivation at the moment as well. Because it's getting colder in NZ at the moment it's easy to feel a little lazy and to crave comfort food. 

Are you taking part in this challenge? How are you doing with it?


  1. Wow you're doing so well! Especially with the running, I need to find a new running spot, some cows have taken over the field I used to run in aha!xx

  2. You're doing so amazing! I haven't been doing that great on my goals this month but reading about your achievements (especially the planking one - whoa!) has inspired me to try a little harder. :)

  3. I wish we said "fizzy" in the US! That's much more fun to say than "soda." ["Pop" seems like something only my grandparents call it haha.] ;) Good luck on the rest of the challenge!

  4. you're the cutest and I miss you. and I am REALLY inspired by your 30 day wellness challenge. Someday I'll be as motivated as you are as well.. not today, though.. because I just took a bundt cake out of the oven. ;)

    I think pop is more of a southern word .. I say pop.
    but I've been made fun of by northerners.. cola. soda. ... texans say coke. for everything.
    "i'd like a coke"..
    "which kind"
    "dr. pepper".

    .. it doesn't make sense. I think we've had this conversation before.

  5. Fizzy is such a cute name for pop (it can also be called soda in some places in the US)! You sound like you've done well, good job :)

  6. Great challenge. I have a huge problem with diet coke! Even with no sugar, it's still not healthy.


  7. You're doing great! I liken like to walking on a tightrope - you're going to sway left and right but as long as you're standing at the end, then you're living a balanced life. No one is perfect.

  8. I didn't really set any goals for April but somehow I've ended up having a pretty healthy month. I went two weeks without coffee! I usually have one a day but I went a few days without it and decided to stick it out. I drank a lot of peppermint tea instead. I've also been having a lot of green juices in the mornings and have been doing squats and crunches in the evenings. My boyfriend and I were just given second hand bikes so hopefully we can get a few rides in soon! Good work on sticking to your goals. You have done really well :)

  9. You're going so well! I too am grateful for just naturally loving fresh fruit and vege's...I think that's something we can take for granted huh! I've just started running for the first time in my life and I'd love to get to 50km in a month some time soon!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  10. Good for you! You're doing great! :)

  11. Inspiring! I definitely want to achieve similar goals.Keep it up! x

  12. I guess, without realising, I am doing the same sort of challenge, hahaha. I've wanted to live healthier for a while, and am finally doing my best to implement it in my every day live. I think I hit the same bumps you do, it's so hard to say no to treats and comfort food... Luckily for me, the weather up here (Amsterdam) is getting warmer, which is making it easier for me. I hope you can keep it up during the cold as well!

  13. Good for you, that sounds awesome! Don't forget to give yourself some splurges, so you don't burn out :)


  14. I didn't take part in this particular challenge, but by coincidence I did set myself a goal to be more healthy and fit, also about a month ago. I've started running, going to the gym, doing workouts at home, and I stopped drinking fizzy drinks AND any sugared drinks (I was a sucker for iced tea), bringing it down to lots of water, tea and some coffee now and then. I also started eating a lot more veggies and cutting down on carbs. I feel great and I'm quite proud of what I've been able to keep up!

  15. I understand the part about saying no to foods. It's hard when you're eating super healthy and someone offers you food. When you do turn them down, it's almost like you feel guilty, especially if it's something homemade. It's like they think you're insulting them by saying no. But you have to do whats best for you!

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com


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