Saturday, April 20, 2013

Contributor | The Multiple Talents of Concealer

Hello everyone! It's Gabrielle Houghton and in this weeks contributor guest post I’m showing you the many talents of our faithful friend, concealer. Here are my top three alternative ways to use this multi-use product!

1. As an eyeshadow primer:

Simply swipe concealer over your lid, before applying your eyeshadow. Depending on how oily your lids are you may want to set this with a translucent powder. This will give your eyeshadows more vivid colour payoff.

2. As a base for lipstick:

This is handy to do especially if you are applying a lipstick in a shade that is lighter than your natural lip colour, or if you are applying a sheer colour. With a light hand, cover lips in concealer using your finger or a foundation/concealer bursh. Dont feel the need to be precise with the application, as it the concealer shade should match your skin. Follow up with your favourite lip colour.

3. To define your eyebrows:

Use concealer as a ‘reverse liner,’ drawing around the edges of your eyebrows to tidy up the shape. Angled brushes are good for this. Remember to blend out the concealer into your foundation.

Have fun playing around with your concealer in new ways... hopefully some of these ideas and tips were new to you! Have a good weekend, all x

Gabrielle Houghton
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Great tips! I've used it under lipstick many times.


  2. I've never seen the eyebrow trick before! Definitely going to give it a try.

  3. That is a great idea for the eyebrows, I've never even thought of that!


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