Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Hello everyone! It's Katie from Katie Jessica Creations and I'm delighted to be back! Thank you all for an amazing response and for those who emailed me with pictures of your nails! Such a joy to see so many of you try it out. This week I'm bringing you something really simple. Sometimes it can be too much fuss to have fancy nails (shocker! but it happens.) So I'm going to show you an easy way to get fancy nails quick! This is especially good for me because I'm a professional baker & a cake decorator so my nails get no attention most of the time as I have to keep them bare, this is what I would do for a night out or a day off to feel extra special! Here are three techniques!

You can choose any colour as the base and then paint this on top. Its SO simple and looks really stunning. You can choose to put an optional clear top coat on if you like to seal in the confetti. I am terrible at picking my polish off - especially if it's textured! You can get the confetti polish in a variety of colours but I would always choose metallic & a shiny - it makes for a better look and stands out more. Try gold on gold for a cute effect too!

This is another of my favourites. Use the snake skin effect polish only when the base coat is dry, one thin layer is enough and then watch the magic happen. I love this part - it always surprises me with the different patterns it brings out. It really looks like snake skin too! Leave it as it is or paint over it with a clear polish to give it a gloss finish.

This one is super cute. Find a polish that is transparent with glitter and you can choose any base colour. Wait until your base coat is dry and then get glitter happy!

There you are. Three simple but very effective ideas of how to fancy up your nails in real quick time! No effort, amazing results!

Thank you again for having me!

Katie Jessica
Katie Jessica Creations
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. loved that cracked nail polish. such an awesome majorly underestimated effect

  2. Wow all these are so good! My favorite is confetti definitely going to try it.

  3. cute ... I am usually too lazy to do my nail though!

  4. These are really good, I'm not great at perfectly polished nails so I like the ideasxx

  5. love all! they´re so simple and beautiful:)

  6. Lovely Blog Dear Following you for sure

    I will be glad if you visit my blog too i don't have much of blogs but its just the beginning

  7. Very nice!



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