Friday, April 26, 2013

Contributor | Top Places to Visit in the UK

Hola, it's Mandy Faith from ManD again! To give you a little insight on my life, I'm a full time student currently studying in the UK. For the past few months, I have been happily travelling around the region and would now like to share with you some beautiful places the Great Britain offers!

#1. Bath

Bath is famous for its wonderful Roman building. I particularly love the structure of The Royal Crescent (picture above)! In Spring, people enjoy picnics and beautiful weather on the front lawn.

#2. Bilbury

Bibury is a charming Cotswold village with typical English cottages. It is one of my favorite places as it offers great tranquility and the locals are just as friendly!

#3. Bristol

I am currently residing in Bristol and every time a friend comes by, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is never missed. Simply hop on to the city sightseeing bus and the driver will tell you what's best!

#4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is fun, historic and peaceful all at the same time: fun with its cool shops and good food, historic with its beautiful Edinburgh castle and peaceful with its much slower pace of living than London. Consider renting an apartment for a group of 4-5, it is very affordable!

#5. London

Need no saying, London is where everyone heads. Funny enough, I find it much more attractive than Paris. The street performances, the diversity, the sweet trail from the Westminster Abbey to the Tower Bridge... all sights are so worth capturing. Though, beware of pickpockets!

#6. Weymouth

Lastly, Weymouth is a quiet seaside town perfect for retirees. It hosted the sailing events for the London 2012 Olympic Games! Be sure to visit the chesil beach and have a cuppa for teatime, you'll definitely enjoy it.

That's it for this time! You can check my site for more travel pictures. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

Mandy Faith
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Great post, I am a student in Bath and I have spent many sunny days chilling with my friends on the crescent. I will miss it after I graduate.

  2. I miss the UK!! I studied abroad in London during my Junior year and I love that city so much! Don't forget Brighton Beach! :)

  3. UK indeed a beautiful country with different architecture. Will visit UK one day..

  4. Lovely! I'm studying in the UK as well and it's always awesome to add more places to my 'to go' list.

  5. Bilbury looks so pretty, I've never been! Edinburgh is such a lovely city, I visited during the fringe which was so much fun. If you haven't, you should visit York. I live there at the moment, and it is beautiful! xx

  6. This post makes me want to go back to the UK! I loved Bath, and wish I had more time to explore the Cotswolds while I was there.

  7. I am from London and currently am studying in Bath - they are both indeed beautiful places worth a visit! x

  8. I've always wanted to visit the UK! Maybe in a few years after I finish Uni.

    Carina xx

  9. Bath and Edinburgh are on my list to visit now.


  10. Lovely post, the little cotswold town looks lovely, would love to visit!


  11. I'm going to Bristol for the first time next month and I'm so excited!


  12. Looking at your photos always make my urge to travel to UK getting stronger and stronger, would really love to go there if I have a chance! =)

  13. Ah yay, lovely to see my home country featured! I'm from the cotswolds and my brother lives in lovely bristol :) You must come visit cardiff, it's a really exciting city! Hx

  14. I've been able to see some of these places on A Rosie Outlook. They all look so wonderful. I really would love to visit the British Isles some day!


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