Friday, May 24, 2013

Contributor | Design your own iPad Clutch!

Hello friends! This is Bec from Clouds of Colour and today I am back on the wonderful Here Comes the Sun blog with another DIY - a super cute clutch which I have ended up using for my iPad. I really enjoyed designing and making this. I'm not much of a sewer so this has been all hand stitched. Lets begin...!

Supplies needed for this project: A pretty fabric of your choice, Vinyl (you could also use leather), Modpodge, needle and thread.

Firstly cut your two pieces of fabric into a rectangular shape. Use Modpodge to secure the center down. Fold the fabric into thirds and stitch together using a dark thread. I wanted to make the top of the clutch a bit more fun when opened so instead of using a normal stitch, I used a brightly coloured embroidery thread and did crosses as shown below.

In the center of the top, I attached a long piece on vinyl which is used to wrap around the whole clutch. You could also add a vintage button or clasp.

Your clutch is now ready to rock! I really love the outcome and will definitely be using it for my iPad and other goodies.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my little bit of creativity. I hope you enjoyed it!

Bec Brown
Clouds of Colour
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. This is such a cool idea, I've seen a similar one for a kindle case. Definitely have to try make it.

    Carina xx

  2. so awesome and simple!


  3. That's such a great idea and so simple too perfect for people who don't really do a lot of DIY but want to give it a go.

  4. Such an amazing idea! Loveee the fabric used.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  5. Cool, wonderful idea!

    X Ap |

  6. i don't have an iPad, but i would've made this if i did! great idea :D

  7. What a brilliant idea. Ipad covers are bloody expensive and this is such a cost effective way of getting one. Thanls for sharing.


  8. Awesome DIY! This would be great as a Summertime clutch!


  9. Oww it looks very easy and pleasant to do ! I think the better feeling you have after having finished your pocket is : what I've just made is unique, nobody in the world has the same !


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