Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Shoot | Part II

Photography by Michelle Joanne

Just dropping in to share with you some more pictures from our wedding shoot last weekend :) We had such a blast playing bride & groom once again and I have to say I love seeing my husband in a suit! If you haven't seen the rest of the photo's you can also check out Part I and the rest are in an album on my blog Facebook page.  Anyway, it's a long weekend here in New Zealand so I'm looking forward to sleeping in, catching up with friends and the extra time to get on top of blog shoots and little bits and pieces around the house. Yay x


  1. You look so gorgeous! I love the style of your dress, it's so unique!

  2. Oh I bet it was so fun to play wedding again. And here I am being antsy to have my real one!
    Beautiful pictures:)
    Leah Faye
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  3. Very sweet. Aw. This is a good idea. I'll be married 9 years in a week and our wedding photos were terrible and none of them showed our faces because we both had long hair and didn't get good direction or enough taken. It is really sad how we pretty much have 4 wedding photos that we use and only one sorta shows our faces. Of course, I don't have my dress any longer and he rented his suit, so this wouldn't work for us too well.


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