Friday, June 28, 2013

Contributor l How to Take Vintage and Pastel Pictures

Hello, it's Mandy Faith from ManD again! I get asked often on how I create vintage and pastel tones on my pictures, so today I would love to provide some personal tips and experiences on that.

 #1. Get The Right Objects

VINTAGE: It is not difficult to get vintage objects. Film cameras, your grandpa's watches, floral teacups, old books with brown pages, oxford shoes... just to name a few!

PASTEL: Girls will know what sorts of things to go well with the theme. I can think of the creamy cupcakes, the fluffy clouds, the light-colored helium balloons and the white laces on a dress.

#2. Search for Beautiful Backgrounds

VINTAGE: There're just so many places to take vintage pictures. My personal preferences would be wheat fields. Abandoned blocks and old tea rooms can be great venues too!

PASTEL: Pastel pictures are generally more simple and clean. I always love taking objects against trees as the little spaces between the leaves and branches will help create beautiful bokeh as backdrop. Alternatively, you can set your objects on a wooden table indoor, near to the windows.

#3. Good Lighting

VINTAGE & PASTEL: I personally think natural light works best for both effects, especially for pastel pictures that are dreamy, soft and light. Shooting indoor for pastel pictures is more appropriate to avoid harsh sunlight but also remember to find places near the windows to get sufficient and softer natural light. Vintage pictures can be taken outdoors, best during the magic hours (evening).

#4. Editing

VINTAGE & PASTEL: Editing is an integral part in creating both effects. There are many online Photoshop presets available for such editing. If you are interested, you can also download them free from my site

#5. Combination

Vintage and pastel can go hand in hand. For example, you can get vintage objects going with pastel editing. Simply mix tips above and have fun!

Mandy Faith
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Great photos, so beautiful!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  2. So pretty! I tend to have a lot of bright, vibrant colors around, but these are so lovely that I feel like I might need to invest in some pastels!


  3. Wow, thank you for this!!! It was very helpful. I will go to your site to check out the presets right this second.

  4. Wonderful post! I adore vintage style photographs and the ones features are beautiful! x

  5. Lovely tips :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  6. Love this post so much, it was very informative and super easy to follow, much more so than other 'tips' type posts like this. Thanks for posting it!

  7. Great tips. I need this so badly. I love vintage and pastel photos.

  8. lovely photos and great tips! nice post :)


  9. I love the photos, they are beautiful! Thanks for the tips!


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