Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rocky Says Hello

It's been awhile since Rocky's made an appearance on the blog so I thought I'd stop by and share a few recent snaps of him. Most of the time I have to refrain from posting the hundreds of iPhone photos I have of him on my instagram/ twitter/ facebook but I figure a few here or there are ok!

Sometimes I miss having him in my old blog banner (you can view the last design here) but I managed to squeeze him into my design update in the form of the tiny little cat you see beside the comments link! Gotta keep Rocky in the mix somehow :)


  1. Cute cat! :)


  2. So cute! And I love that last picture, the silhouette is somehow so funny:)

  3. So cute! He looks very regal : )

  4. Such a little stud! I always am refraining from talking about or posting pics of my wee Scout on instagram/my blog/ facebook etc


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