Monday, July 08, 2013

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Hello! It's Jo from Lost in the Haze. Today I'll be sharing some of my go-to hairdos. These are super easy (otherwise they wouldn't be favourites, right?) and perfect for those mornings where you're lacking a little on hair ideas. Enjoy!

1. The Heidi Braid. 
What vintage enthusiast would I be if I didn't love a good ol' pair of Heidi braids? They are so simple to do too! I even have a little Youtube Heidi braid tutorial to explain the process a little better.

2. A Flower Crown.
I always feel so much better when wearing a flower crown. It brightens up a wintery day and makes summer look, well, so very much more summery! Bonus: a flower crown tidies up messy hair so easily and results in the ultimate bohemian hair. A definite plus!

3. The Beehive. 
Being a 1960s fan through and through, the beehive is one of my favourite hair styles ever. It works brilliantly if your hair is a little thick and wild (aka. like mine). I love having that extra boost of height too! It even becomes like a little game - how high can I make my hair today?

4. The Bow. 
When my hair is lookin' a little lackluster, I spruce it up with a bow. In the case of this photo, three!

Hope you like!

Jo Fletcher
Lost in the Haze
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. This is the laziest post ever w.t.f

    1. Seriously it seems like every guest post Lost in the Haze does on a blog is a recap of her hair tutorials, which are completely generic anyway.

    2. Way to be brave, anonymous! ; ) I've unfortunately been bed-ridden the last few days, due to a vomiting bug, so wasn't able to take any fresh photographs. Unless you're keen on seeing some serious bed hair!

    3. Hey anon, thanks for your feedback :) Usually I give my contributing team at least 1 weeks notice before their content is due but this time I was on holiday and forgot so Jo whipped up something the best she could in the shortest amount of time and I appreciate her for it :)

  2. I love these hairstyles, super cute! I'm always looking for new ideas so this is a really helpful post :)

  3. beautiful hair tips! :) i am so lazy with my hair, so this is lovely to see
    kw ladies in navy

  4. A flower crown...?

  5. I also love flower crown so much! I have a post about my first one, coming up soon this week on my blog
    You should like it!
    Beautiful photos and I also adore the red bows!

  6. adorable! I love putting bows and flowers in my hair :)

  7. i've been needing this! these hair styles are adorable! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  8. love these hairstyles! And my goodness, you are gorgeous girl!

  9. thank you! i love all of these -- heading over to your YouTube channel now, Jo!

  10. Amazing hair styles! love these. so beautiful!

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