Friday, August 09, 2013

Contributor | How to Decorate a Petal Cake

Hi again, lovely readers! It's Lydia here from Lydia Bakes ready to share with you all an easy-as-pie way to decorate a cake.

The petal cake trend has been popping up around the net for quite some time now but with exciting new additions to the classic like this rainbow petal cake, it shows no signs of slowing down! 

I think the reason it is such a popular cake decorating technique is because it's so easy to achieve, it does't take long to do and it looks awesome once finished! 

If you want you can finish the look with a cute home made bunting or cake topper, I made my heart topper with red fondant and a toothpick, but you could also use coloured paper or washi tape to make something equally cute and simple!

First things first you will want to have a cake, some icing and a piping bag of some sort to start with, the rest is taken care of with everyday tools.

You will need:
Buttercream (enough to cover the cake in a thin layer then more for decorating)
Piping bag 
Large circle tip
Flat spatula or back of a spoon 

Cover entire cake surface with buttercream, you want to make sure it just covers it so there's no naked cake showing (nobody likes a naked cake!)

Fill piping bag half full with buttercream and pipe small blobs of icing in a vertical line from top to bottom. 

Using the spatula or back of a spoon gently smudge the blob of icing to the right.
Wipe excess icing off the spatula or spoon and repeat on the remaining blobs.
Once you've finished your smudging on line one, repeat these steps again; pipe blobs, smear blobs.

To pipe the swirl around the top, start on the outer edge and repeat the piping and smearing process while slowly working your way in on an angle. I found the back of the spoon really useful for the tight spots.

Decorating notes:
I used made a two layer 6" chocolate cake and covered it with this chocolate buttercream, however I found it a bit on the soft side so would recommend my normal chocolate buttercream recipe.

Lydia Norton
Lydia Bakes
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Looks like that's going to take a little more patience than I will ever have. Pretty though.


  2. I didn't realize this was so easy! It looks gorgeous, and I am now starving!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I am definitely trying this on the weekend!

    Bian | Mortem Blonde

  4. this looks amazing, but I doubt I'd have the patience for that! haha I'd just want to eat it right away!

  5. wow....u make the amazing cake

  6. Wow, that end is result looks incredible! I'm definitely trying it next time instead of my usual plain frosting, haha :)


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