Friday, August 16, 2013

Contributor | Nail Art Marble Effect Tutorial

Hi everyone. Katie here again! Before I get onto the nail art Amanda has been kind enough to let me mention that I have a new blog address. My blog address is now just my name rather than Katie Jessica Creations. By just having my name it will enable me to open my blog up to more possibilities and future projects or collaborations I may be involved in. I felt the 'creations' part was a little restrictive. Anyway, HERE is the new link. Everything is the same except the address. If you were following along with me on bloglovin then please find me again & follow the new page. THANK YOU!

So, back to the nail art. WARNING! This method is very addictive! Begin by choosing your base colour.

Choose three or four colours to go on top. Place a blob of each on your nail as seen on the image below.

Use a cocktail stick or thin paintbrush to blend the colours together. Don't blend too much because you still want to see all the colours you've chosen. Leave to dry. You may want to do this while watching a film because drying time is a little longer than usual. Seal your marble effect with a clear top coat! Then spend all week admiring your work!
Have fun trying out lots of different effects & colours!

Katie Jessica
Katie Jessica Creations
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. My friend might like to try this, thanks!

  2. That's so pretty! My favourite is the first pattern you did, the blue one :)

  3. Hey, leaving three blobs as they are until dry looks pretty cute too!


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