Friday, September 06, 2013

Contributor | How to Style a Hair Bow

Hello everyone! Jo from Lost in the Haze here. Today I'm really excited to teach you how to style a hair bow. I'm all about simple tutorials, so there is nothing too overly complex, I promise! Oh, and if you do need any help, please do send me an email.

You will need: 
- A hair tie
- A selection of bobby pins
- Your very own nimble fingers ;)

1. Begin by brushing all of the tangles from your hair, and tying it up into a ponytail on the very centre of your head.

2. Use your hair tie to to put your hair into a loose ponytail style bun. You'll be left with a large amount of hair sticking out the front, which is fine. This will be the centre piece of your hair bow :)

3. Divide the bun area into two, trying to make them as evenly as possible. When they're the size you're after, use a bobby pin to secure them to the top of your head.

4. Finish the look by wrapping the loose hair over the middle of the bow. Tuck it into the elastic band as much as you can, and fix any messy bits with a good ol' bobby pin.

And there you have it! As easy as pie, don't you think? My hair is relatively good at keeping it's shape, but don't hesitate to add a little hair spray if you need it. Oh.. and of course - good luck! xo

Jo Fletcher
Lost in the Haze
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. I'm doing this tomorrow. :) I love bow buns. They're so precious.

  2. I love this! And really easy to follow! Lovely photos and lovely make up xxx

  3. this is such a cute look! Thanks for sharing !


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