Monday, October 21, 2013

Contributor | Halloween Inspired Nail Art

Hey everyone! Katie Jessica here again. Feels like a long time since my last post! Don't you just LOVE this season? Its starting to get colder here in England and we're wrapping up, sipping hot drinks and layering up for the winter. Weird to think Amanda's getting ready for the spring/summer! 

I'm here today to show you a few tutorials for easy Halloween inspired nail art. I don't like anything too spooky so hopefully I've glammed them up a bit. First up, 'bloody' nails. Sounds gross huh? Well I've added a little sparkle so maybe we can say they are inspired by the glistening sparkling vampires from 'twilight'.... Start off by painting your base colour. I used a varnish with a translucent sparkle.
Once dry use a bright red varnish to create the blood effect. I started off by painting the tips and allowing the red to drip down on it's own accord. It may need a little encouragement.

Continue on all nails & seal with a clear top coat! They don't look to terrifying now don't they!?

Next up: Frankenstein stitches! Start by choosing a few colours. I did a different colour per nail but you can go for what you want, you may want to choose more halloween-y colours or go for green just like Frankenstein. I painted diagonally across each nail. You should find this easy to do without the use of tape.

Use a nail art brush, a thin paintbrush to paint stitches across the diagonal line. Another trick I sometimes use to paint patterns onto nails is to use liquid eyeliner. You can get them in so many colours now and they work just as well. If you do use that then make sure you seal the design with a clear top coat.
Contine on all nails & seal.

And finally spiderwebs! I started with a base colour of gold and used a nail art brush to paint on lines. It's really simple to create a spiderweb. Start with straight lines and fill in the gaps with smaller curved lines.
I like it when nails have something different on each. Why not try painting on a little spider or do half a nail with spiderwebs instead of a full nail. I added a little polka dot to another to make it a little friendlier!
Enjoy dressing up your nails this season!

Katie Jessica
Here Comes the Sun Contributor


  1. Haha, little spider egg polka dots :) I'm so scared of spiders, I wouldn't even want one painted on my nails.

  2. The bloody nails are FANTASTIC. I cannot wait to try that out.

  3. These are awesome and look simple to do too!

  4. Such cute ideas, really want to try the blood drip one :)


  5. Love nail art...especially Halloween nail art!


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