Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just a Minute in October

Just a little bit about what life has looked like lately:

Listening to.... Haim, Chrvches, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Iggy Azalea, Foxes and lots of Beyonce in excitement for her concert this Friday night! (SO excited to be seeing her live).

Watching.... The Americans (favourite new show), New Girl (how amazing is Winston this season?!), Homeland, Modern Family and I still haven't started the new season of Downton Abbey - am I missing out? I'm still scarred from the way last season ended :(

Eating.... Less dairy than normal (it makes me sad cause I'm addicted to cheese but I feel better without it), unsalted almonds, fresh strawberries and Japanese at every chance I get.

Working on.... Training for my first half marathon, saving for our upcoming holiday in Melbourne, actually finishing a book club book on time and drinking more green tea and less coffee (it's hard).


  1. That all sounds nice! I should try more green tea and less coffee too!

  2. That kitty is so cute!
    Good luck for your marathon training!

  3. Ahh yes Beyonce is awesome, hope the concert is a blast!!

  4. Have fun at fun at the concert.

  5. Im going to see Beyonce on hursday night whoo hoo! xx


  6. OMG Haim and Chvrches! So good. Have fun at Beyonce :)

  7. Marathon training sounds hard! Good luck with that and have fun at Beyonce! Xx

  8. I couldn't agree more, The American is the best new show so far! Winston his getting just hilarious this season and I just started the new season of Downton Abbey and the start is quite good, I'm just hopping that it won't be to repetitive because I see some situations we've seen before...I'm crossing fingers and I'll keep watching in the meantime... of course! ;-)


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