Friday, October 04, 2013


Liason Tank c/o Ketz-KeStaple the Label Shorts c/o Market HQ | Boohoo Shoes | Glassons Cardigan

I've been a bit of a repeat offender with this outfit lately. I haven't had a pair of shorts in my wardrobe for a long time and the arrival of these cute knit ones has had me pretty excited so I've been wearing them as much as possible. Sometimes when I find an outfit I like I thrash it for a couple of weeks then move onto the next thing, does anyone else do that?

Anyway, it's Friday here in New Zealand and I have to admit I'm pretty excited for the weekend. My friends and I have an ongoing bagel date on Saturday mornings which is always a nice way to kick off the weekend and other than that I'll just be catching up with friends, training for my half marathon and indulging in a few naps! x


  1. I do that too aha, with me it normally includes something stripy. Ooh Bagel date sounds so good!xx

  2. I love weekend rituals . . . a bagel date sounds like fun! I'm baking with friends on Saturday to welcome Fall. Wish I baked every Saturday morning!


  3. I'm so excited about the weekend too. It's just so nice to have some time to do whatever you want! Anyway, I wanted to say that I love the shorts you're wearing. They look comfortable and fashionable.

  4. i definitely do that with my outfits. i recently returned from a month long vacation that i had to pack very lightly for. i am now completely sick of all of those like 5 outfits i had and never want to see them again! haha.

  5. Great mix! love the boots.
    Have fun on weekend


  6. Sweet pictures and a great outfit! :)

  7. Well if this isn't the happiest combination of shades of black/white, I don't know what is. Love this outfit and your precious style!

    Shalom, Annie

  8. this is such a fun black&white outfit! and it almost isn't a crime to be a repeat offender when you look so cute in those lovely shorts&top:-) x

  9. You are really really pretty! I love the style of your outfit, especially the shorts and shoes!!
    Trae xox

  10. Love the head of your blog!
    This black and white shorty style is so cute!:
    abiti da cocktail


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