Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Peplum top c/o Amber Whitecliffe | Vintage velvet skirt | Boohoo Heels

Well it's been really warming up here in New Zealand! Bare arms and legs and sunny days outside have become the norm. My new Amber Whitecliffe top has been on a high rotation because I've realised I don't really have much of a summer wardrobe yet! I've spent all year stocking up on winter layers and now that the heat is here I have very limited options to choose from. Luckily I love this top and can see it becoming one of those long-standing, timeless pieces in my wardrobe. Also our Melbourne holiday is only 2 weeks away so I'll be going on a shopping spree for summer clothes for sure!

P.S You can see my last Amber Whitecliffe piece in an older blog post here


  1. It's so weird seeing these summery pictures! I'm from Europe so the weather is cold and rainy. It feels like winter is just around the corner here.

  2. these pictures have warmed me right up, it's about 4 degrees in the uk right now :( you look gorgeous as ever missy xo

  3. I would say that you are looking so good in this outfit especially the Amber Whitecliffe top looks so good on you.

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