Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend Rituals

I'm quite a fan of weekend rituals. I'm a bit of a creature of habit and I love having my favourite places to frequent regularly. One of mine and Jeremy's favourite weekend rituals is heading to Food Alley for lunch or dinner. It's nothing too exciting or fancy - just a two story food court, but the selection (and price) of the food is amazing. Usually we toss up between Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese and today pad thai and a bento box were the winners of the day. There's nothing quite like a low budget date with some of the best Asian food Auckland has to offer! 

Anyway I'll be back Monday with a super cute giveaway from Lomography :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

P.S My instagram account has been nominated for an award! I'd love it if you could spare a sec to vote for me :) Just click here and hit the Facebook like button. Thank you so much xx

Friday, August 30, 2013

Contributor | Best iPhone Apps

Hello there, it’s Mandy Faith from Man D again! In light of iphoneograhy that is blooming in recent years, useful photography apps are what everyone is searching. Today, I would like to share a few that I find really fantastic!

#1 A Beautiful Mess

As an interesting app that encourages creativity, A Beautiful Mess provides an abundance of stamps, fonts, borders, etc. to boost an otherwise ordinary picture. Its ease of use is definitely a plus point!

#2 Afterlight

Afterlight is by far my most-used app due to its versatility. Image retouching, color enhancements, filters, cool crops, film textures… you name it, they have it. Favorite filters include Russ (top left) with a rustic finish, Coral (top right) with strong vibrancy and Frost (bottom left) with a pastel wash. Light leak texture 03 (bottom right) and 25 are also useful for all sorts of images.

#3 EyEem

If you’re a fan of fading tones, the filter Steph is what that will impress you. EyeEm is also a social site like Instagram that enables showcase and exploration of good images. Other pretty filters include Ailine and Gee09.

#4 Instagram

I guess Instagram needs no explanation! I would, though, like to share with you my favorite filter – Valencia (all pictures above). I love how it brightens the whole image while taking good control of the contrast. The minty/yellow tone is also too lovely to be missed.

#5 PicFx

Picfx comes with absolutely rich filters. Fret not, as there is a sidebar for opacity adjustments. What’s more, it allows layering, so mix your favorite filters on top of each other! My usual editing would be adding the filter Pfx 5 and then the filter Vintage Valentine (tuned down) for a romantic touch.

#6 VSCO Cam

The filters F2 and M5 are cool for dramatic effects while T1 has a fade style that is milder. X1 is brilliant for B&W pictures! VSCO has long been a favorite for photographers that love a vivid and filmy blend. That’s all for now! Have a lovely day/night.

Mandy Faith
Here Comes the Sun Contributor

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's Been Happening?

(all pictures from my instagram @herecomesthesunblog)

I have a lot of catching up to do on posts for this blog! But in the meantime, my instagram does a pretty good job at filling in the gaps of what I've been up to lately. If you don't have a smart phone or aren't already following along, here's a bit about what's been happening lately:

Top row: 
1. My friend Alice and I have twin Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone cases (mine's the dog, hers is the owl)
2. Pretzel M&M's are the best (or best equal with the peanut butter ones)
3. I went to the opening of a new restaurant in Auckland called Miss Clawdy's. Check it out and make sure you finish your meal with the Key Lime Pie - it's unreal

Middle row:
1. My friends have great taste in home decor
2. Meet Alice, my doppelganger
3. When I get froyo I choose toppings like I'm 8 years old

Bottom row:
1. Pretty excited about the candy colours of the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat
2. Mango & passionfruit cider in the sun with friends
3. Finished the final season of The Office and cried my way through the last 3 episodes + the special feature

In other news, Jeremy and I just started Suits and we're in love already. I don't know if I'll ever love a show the way I loved The Office ever again, but it's definitely a worthy follow on and I'm excited to get further into it!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Contributor | Heat Proof Your Makeup

Hi again! It's Gabrielle Houghton back with another contributor post!I don’t know about you all, but in Auckland lately we have been experiencing the odd day of fairly summery weather. As well as that, I have been lucky enough to spend some time at beaches in Hawaii so it is feeling decidedly certain that summer is on its way. It has inspired me into thinking about summer makeup. Maybe I’m being over zealous but hey, nothing wrong with being prepared!

These summer ready beauty tips also work well for makeup that can be worn to the gym, as well as makeup to be worn under harsh lighting or stage lighting.

♥ Long lasting formulas are your best friend. They are a little more drying than regular products so compensate for the humidity and heat.
♥ Always pick products with an SPF! Whether it be in your foundation, primer or moisturiser. 30 or higher is ideal, and no lower than 15. However, if you are being photographed you won’t want to go any higher than 15 as any further is when it starts to cause flashback.
♥ Summer calls for lighter and brighter colours so pull out your peaches and pinks and tuck away the darker vampy shades for winter!
♥ If you insist on wearing a full foundation in the heat, try applying it as sparingly as you can, to prevent excess makeup causing that melty face look.
♥ Even if you don’t plan on swimming, waterproof mascara can be a good idea to prevent mascara transferring onto your eyelids. - Oil free makeup is the way to go in hot weather!
♥ Protect your lips. There are so many cute lips balms these days containing SPF that you have no excuse not to!

I hope you find this useful, and I hope a bit of wishful thinking brings the nice weather to us all! Until next time!

Gabrielle Houghton
Here Comes the Sun Contributor

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TV Talk: What I've Watched & What I Need to Watch

I'm not sure if I've discussed this here very much but TV shows are a huge part of my life. I choose TV over movies anyday just because I love having that much longer to get emotionally invested and attached to the characters. So I thought I'd share with you guys what I've already finished watching, what I'm part way through and what's next on the list! I'd also love to hear your recommendations :) So here we go!


These shows I've seen start to finish and some of them (Gilmore Girls) many many times through. Needless to say I'm super excited for the Veronica Mars movie and it blows my mind that it's The OC's 10th anniversary this month!

Currently Watching or Up to Date on:

This list is a bit of a mix because it includes shows where I'm completely up to date and waiting for new episodes (Downton, Modern Family, Homeland and New Girl) and the rest are ones I'm behind on and playing catch up. I only have 5 episodes left of The Office (I can feel the tears coming already) and in contrast I'm only 1 episode into Nashville and 2 into The Mindy Project but I'll get there!

Next on the Watchlist:

And this is my (ever growing) list of tv shows I want to watch next! Currently the plan is to watch Suits when we finish The Office and Arrow when we finish Revenge and the others will just slot in somehow eventually. 

I'd love to hear what you're watching as well! What are your all times faves? Any recommendations for me? I always love suggestions :)

P.S Edited to add: I've actually given up on a few tv shows along the way too - Arrested Development (loved the first 3 seasons but couldn't get into the new stuff), Boston Legal and How I Met Your Mother (too repetitive). 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe

Pictures 2 & 3 by Daydream Lily - rest by me

Tucked away in a little side street of Newmarket, Auckland is a Hello Kitty Cafe that's as cute (and pink!) as it sounds. I've been a few times for hot chocolate and had to take Liss there while she was exploring Auckland as well. I was a huge Hello Kitty fan in my tweenie years so walking into a cafe that's floor to ceiling Hello Kitty covered is kind of a dream! Haha. 

If you're going to visit my honest recommendation is to stick to a hot chocolate or a milkshake - I've never eaten here or tried the coffee as there are better cafes for that kind of experience just around the corner (Whoopie or Little Nuffield) but if you're looking for cuteness factor this place can't be beat x

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I love this time of year in New Zealand. Our winter is on the wind down and spring blossoms are emerging on every street and covering the city in a blanket of pink. It makes me so happy!

Liss has gone back home now but it was such a great trip and we managed to squeeze so many things into just a few days! Which basically can be translated as: we ate a lot of food and took a lot of photos. You can check out her photo diary from the trip here. We're actually going to be reunited again in just a few months because Jeremy and I are heading over to Australia for a holiday soon so that's exciting :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I'll be back soon to chat about tv shows (I'm obsessed) and an amazing new restaurant in Auckland I'm dying to revisit as soon as possible xx

Friday, August 16, 2013

Contributor | Nail Art Marble Effect Tutorial

Hi everyone. Katie here again! Before I get onto the nail art Amanda has been kind enough to let me mention that I have a new blog address. My blog address is now just my name rather than Katie Jessica Creations. By just having my name it will enable me to open my blog up to more possibilities and future projects or collaborations I may be involved in. I felt the 'creations' part was a little restrictive. Anyway, HERE is the new link. Everything is the same except the address. If you were following along with me on bloglovin then please find me again & follow the new page. THANK YOU!

So, back to the nail art. WARNING! This method is very addictive! Begin by choosing your base colour.

Choose three or four colours to go on top. Place a blob of each on your nail as seen on the image below.

Use a cocktail stick or thin paintbrush to blend the colours together. Don't blend too much because you still want to see all the colours you've chosen. Leave to dry. You may want to do this while watching a film because drying time is a little longer than usual. Seal your marble effect with a clear top coat! Then spend all week admiring your work!
Have fun trying out lots of different effects & colours!

Katie Jessica
Katie Jessica Creations
Here Comes the Sun Contributor

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daydream Lily Comes to NZ Part II

Delish Cupcakes


Yellow Brick Road

Ponsonby Central

Cakepop Kitchen

Just thought I would share a few more pictures from Liss's trip to New Zealand. As you can see, we've spent most of the time eating! I tried to mix it up with other things as well like shopping at The Department Store and Ponsonby and a drive into Devonport, but for the most part the best thing about Auckland (in my opinion) is the incredible range of food options we have. Liss has one night left here and we'll be finishing off the trip with a dinner at Mexico

Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Feature | Whoopie Pies

For someone who doesn't typically have much of a sweet tooth, I sure have eaten a lot of sugary treats this weekend! But when they're as good as these whoopie pies it's a little hard to resist. Whoopie is an Auckland bakery specialising in all things Whoopie. We dropped in for a visit yesterday and tried the red velvet, jaffa and peanut butter versions (all delish) and sampled some thick, sweet hot chocolate.

If you're ever in Auckland they have a cute little cafe tucked away in Newmarket (where these pictures were taken) and another in Grey Lynn. We'll be heading back soon for sure!
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